What Will the Utah NHL Franchise Team Name Be?

Salt Lake City

On Thursday afternoon, the National Hockey League approved the sale of the Arizona Coyotes assets. While the “Arizona Coyotes” moniker will stay in the Arizona desert, everything else will be transferred to the Salt Lake Valley. 

So, what will Utah’s NHL franchise be called?

Apparently, Utah. 

No, seriously. According to NHL scribe Greg Wyshynski, the now former ‘Yotes franchise will enter the league as “Utah” for the 2024-25 NHL season. A team name and mascot won’t be unveiled until after the franchises’ second season in Utah. As Wyshynski states: “the NHL wants to get it right.”

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and new “Utah” owners Ryan and Ashley Smith of Smith Entertainment Group will hold a press conference on Friday at 5:00 PM Central time to further discuss the franchise relocation. Questions surrounding the team’s name should be answered at that time and announcement of team colors could come next week. 

Here’s to hoping they go with something like this for the next two-years!

What Will the Utah NHL Franchise Team Name Be?

I’m sure that somewhere former Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder is smiling.

All joking aside, the franchise and the league should take their time with it, but you can’t tell me the Smith’s haven’t been thinking about this forever. Afterall, they’ve been talking about bringing an NHL franchise to “The Crossroads of the West” for a few years now. That’s got to be more than enough time to sketch a few logos in a notebook, no? 

Potential Nicknames for Utah’s NHL Franchise

Professional hockey has a long and storied history in the land of the Latter-Day Saints. The first professional team, the Salt Lake Golden Eagles, took flight in 1969 as members of the Western Hockey League (WHL) and flew until 1994. Since then, the Salt Lake Valley has been home to franchises in the American Hockey League (AHL), International Hockey League (IHL), and ECHL. 

Here are some potential nicknames for Utah’s NHL franchise.

  • Grizzlies– The Grizzlies have been Utah’s minor-league hockey team since the mid-1990’s playing in the IHL, AHL, and finally the ECHL. Who wouldn’t want a bad ass bear on their jersey?!

  • Golden Eagles– Run it back!

  • Stingers– As Tom Harrington points out, Utah is apparently the “Beehive State” so Stingers could work. Although, the minor-league Salt Lake City Bees could have an issue.

  • Olympians– Meh, but Salt Lake is going to host the Olympic Games again.
  • Missions– An homage to the Mormon Church, there’s no way this will fly!
  • Blizzard– You know, because of the mountains!
  • Moose– The Rocky Mountain Elk is Utah’s official state mammal…but I don’t think they’re a moose!
  • Gila Monster– A poisonous reptile that happens to be Utah’s official state reptile!
  • Utah Raptors– Named after the famed Utahraptor species of dinosaur, the Utah NHL franchise might get some pushback from that hoops team in Toronto!
  • Utah Hockey Club– Just go with it! Okay, Utah HC!
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