Who is Former WWE Staffer Janel Grant? What We Know About Woman Accusing Vince McMahon of Sex Trafficking

janel grant

Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, has recently come into the spotlight after filing a lawsuit against WWE and its former CEO, Vince McMahon. Grant’s lawsuit alleges serious charges of sexual assault, trafficking, and emotional abuse. The lawsuit, filed in a Connecticut federal court, seeks to void a nondisclosure agreement reportedly made with McMahon in 2022, where he agreed to pay Grant $3 million, of which only $1 million was paid.

Janel Grant Accuses Vince McMahon of Sex Trafficking

Grant’s tenure at WWE headquarters in Connecticut began in June 2019. Her allegations include being forced into an affair with a WWE and UFC “superstar,” (rumored to be Brock Lesnar) and other men, as directed by McMahon.

The lawsuit details a particularly disturbing incident on June 23, 2021, where McMahon allegedly locked Grant in his private locker room and assaulted her over a massage table. It also claims that McMahon’s misconduct was known within WWE but was systematically buried. Several vulgar texts are also provided in the lawsuit where McMahon allegedly talks about some of his fantasies.

The case brings to light the darker side of the wrestling entertainment industry, exposing a culture where such serious allegations could be covered up. Grant, through her lawsuit, is challenging not only McMahon but also the organizational structures that might have enabled such behaviors. Grant’s move is seen as a brave step in holding powerful figures accountable.

McMahon in Several Lawsuits

Grant’s case is one of several involving McMahon, where women have reportedly received payouts over the years. Grant was owed $3 million by McMahon from a previous settlement. However, Grant claims that McMahon paid just $1 million and refused to pay the remainder.

Her action stands as a significant moment in the wrestling world, potentially paving the way for more transparency and accountability in the industry.

This lawsuit not only challenges a high-profile individual but also puts a spotlight on the corporate responsibility of organizations like WWE in dealing with such allegations.

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