Vontaze Burfict refuses to speak to reporters after loss

Vontaze Burfict refuses to speak to reporters after loss


Vontaze Burfict refuses to speak to reporters after loss

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict wasn’t in a chatty mood after his team’s 24-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday.

The embattled linebacker once again found himself in the spotlight for questionable hits and even left the field at one point due to injury. After, he made it quite clear he wasn’t saying much to anyone.

Fox 19’s Jeremy Rauch captured his parting shot:

Burfict’s anger isn’t hard to understand. He got absolutely destroyed by David DeCastro on a helmet-to-helmet hit, which fans can see here. He went to the back after the shot, presumably for a check-in with concussion protocol, before returning to the game. After injuring Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown in recent showdowns with the Steelers, some might call the brief injury scare a bit of karma.

His team also found a way to blow a 20-9 lead, failing to score at all in the second half as the team’s bitterest of rivals stormed back to seal a win in Cincinnati’s house.

So no, Burfict didn’t feel like talking much. He usually lets his play do the talking, and when that falters, this is the result. Burfict’s Bengals are now out of the playoff hunt, and on a more personal note, he’s probably going to get a few envelopes from the league office this week.

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