Twins can still shoot for good enough

Twins can still shoot for good enough


Twins can still shoot for good enough

© Gary A. Vasquez | 2017 Nov 1

The Twins didn’t exactly have the most active Winter Meetings in Major League Baseball. Frankly, despite it being relatively calm for the Twins, signing two players was about the most active we have seen out of the Twins in a generation.

Given the promise of an aggressive off-season, especially one that was focused on improving the starting rotation, it’s a little disconcerting, given that long history of inaction and frugality the Twins have demonstrated in the past, that no bigger moves have been made. Stepping back, however, the Twins can take some comfort in the fact that the top of the starting pitching pool hasn’t started moving at all yet, and their top target, the top one on the market, Yu Darvish is still available.

Of course, there is still some panic inducing news that can claw at the back of Twins fans collective subconscious. There is news that the Cubs are interested in Darvish, and the Dodgers just made an interesting trade to free up some short term money and some rotation spots for Darvish. Given those two options, why on earth would such a national brand even consider spending his 30s in a market most people in his country have never heard of?

If the Twins don’t get Darvish, and there is increasing room for skepticism that they don’t, the Twins can take solace in the wisdom of their new veteran closer, Fernando Rodney.

“We have a good chance because that division this year is not going to be too strong,” he said. “I think the only team we have to (worry about) is going to be Cleveland. If you see the other teams in that division, we got a lot of chance to go to the World Series.”

The Twins will win a lot of games next year without any changes, because of the division they play in. Getting into the playoffs is the important thing, and the Twins have the roster to get there with or without Darvish at the top of the rotation.

Whether or not they get Darvish or Gerrit Cole, or one of the other top trade targets on the market, they still may be able to snag a pretty good pitcher, one that will still tangibly improve the rotation. And that will be fine, even if it doesn’t meet fans’ goals as the offseason began. The Twins are going to get a lot of wins against their AL Central opponents, and that could be more than enough to secure a spot in post season.

After that? Anything goes.

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