Bill Belichick praises Doug Pederson's play-calling ability

Bill Belichick praises Doug Pederson's play-calling ability

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Bill Belichick praises Doug Pederson's play-calling ability

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is known for his ability to keep opposing defenses off balance, which is due to the number of offensive weapons he has at his disposal, as well as his play-calling.

The Eagles have fielded one of the most balanced offenses this season, with an average of 29.7 rushes and 34.8 passes attempted per game. Their unpredictability as it relates to their play-calling has made the job for opposing defensive coordinators extremely difficult. Not only that, the Eagles have a number of plays that have run-pass options, as well as some read-option plays, which makes it hard to create a defensive gameplan against them.

Pederson calls the plays for the Eagles — which he also previously did in Kansas City for three years, as the Chiefs offensive coordinator — and he’s pretty great at it. Bill Belichick was asked about Pederson’s play-calling ability on Monday, and he had some high praise for the second-year head coach at Super Bowl Opening Night.

“Very aggressive, well balanced, uses a lot of personnel, all the receivers, all the tight ends, all the backs,” Belichick said, via Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith. “He’s done a great job and it’s a good offense and they’ve got good players, they’re well coached and he does a great job calling plays.”

Belichick and the Patriots coaching staff is known for their ability to scheme against any top of offense, no matter what offensive weapons they may have, as well as the type of plays they call. That’s why his comments about Pederson can be considered high praise, and speaks volumes about the job the Eagles head coach has done this season.

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