Put money on it: Kirk Cousins goes to Denver Broncos

Put money on it: Kirk Cousins goes to Denver Broncos


Put money on it: Kirk Cousins goes to Denver Broncos


The sports books are having their say on (soon to be) former Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins’ next team.

Odds are he lands with the Denver Broncos, … or the Arizona Cardinals.

My friends at www.Bovada.tv posted these odds for Kirk’s next landing spot:

Denver Broncos                       3/2

New York Jets                           2/1

Arizona Cardinals                   4/1

Cleveland Browns                    4/1

Buffalo Bills                               9/1

Jacksonville Jaguars             14/1

New York Giants                      14/1

Miami Dolphins                       20/1

Cousins’ long-term strategy has been to reach unrestricted free agency to set his worth on the market – unencumbered by the Draft pick hurdles called for in the CBA labor agreement. The Redskins trade for Alex Smith makes it all but certain Cousins will reach free agency without restrictions, which makes things easier for Denver.

The Smith trade helps Cousins by setting another “comparable” as a point of negotiation.

Smith’s unofficial deal with Washington will average $23 million per year. Matthew Stafford’s 2017 deal averages $27 million per year. Derek Carr’s 2017 deal averages $25 million per year.

Without Draft picks or guaranteed tags to consider, Cousin’s next deal could go beyond that range yet be cap friendly enough to put a wider grin on John Elway’s face.

Yes, Virginia, Kirk Cousins could be the highest paid player in the NFL, until Matt Ryan hits the market in 2019.

Yes, but where?

Hog Heaven has followed Kirk’s career since his days at Michigan State. We don’t see him as a New York kinda guy, but hey, money talks. That’s no J-E-S-T, JEST JEST JEST.

Cleveland can offer the world, but Kirk does not live a lifestyle that demands maximus contracticus. We think Kirk should regard the Browns’ front office with suspicion after after his time in the Washington wilderness. He said he would be open to the Browns, however.

Jacksonville signed Blake Bortles to the fifth-year option of his rookie deal.

Eli Manning isn’t leaving the New York Giants, we reckon.

Miami’s interest in Kirk comes down to their feelings about Ryan Tannehill – Is Kirk worth the difference over Tannehill’s $19 million per year deal?

There are still too many moving parts to know how this play ends. Stay tuned.

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