Kawhi Leonard holds offseason workout with Kobe Bryant

Kawhi Leonard Kobe Bryant

Kawhi Leonard holds offseason workout with Kobe Bryant


Kawhi Leonard holds offseason workout with Kobe Bryant


Throughout much of this offseason, there has been plenty of rumors afloat around All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard’s possible interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency next summer.

This chatter has continued to persist even with Leonard being traded to the Toronto Raptors back in mid-July. It has once again ramped up after a photo was posted of him with former Lakers great Kobe Bryant following a workout.

It may just be a workout to better his overall game, but the fact that is dealing with a former all-time great of the franchise will lead to those thinking it may be him laying the groundwork to make the jump next summer. What should be taken into account is that Leonard worked with him in the past during the offseason.

This was the case in the summer after he retired as Bryant helped give him pointers to further refine his offensive game that has made him one of the top-way players in the league. It has shown his dedication to his craft to further develop his skill set to push him to perform at a higher level on the court moving forward in his career.

This chatter is extremely similar to when he had held a workout with LeBron James earlier this offseason. Ultimately, only time will tell if that this will make a difference on him in his decision making come next offseason where he will attract plenty of interest on the open market.

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