NFL History That Effects The Present

NFL History That Effects The Present


NFL History That Effects The Present


History is not only bound to repeat itself, it also greatly informs the present and future for those who are willing to do the homework.  So when it comes to an organization, like the NFL, who is coming up on its 100 year anniversary, what should fans of the sport know about?

In this incredible infographic from  Betway we find 10 of the biggest changes in NFL history.

After a brief glance there are a number of things that should jump off the page as having present relevance.  The Halftime show, scheduling changes, games in London… so much has happening in the recent past for the National Football League that one begins to wonder not only what does the century holds but, more immediately, what might happen in the next 2 or 3 years?!?!

One item, that made the list, are more changes that have been made to the NFL football helmet.  For the NFL this could have been a forward-thinking ,player safety PR move.  Better helmets means fewer concussions, it’s a win-win.  Instead, the changes became a point of major contention, drawing the wrong kind of attention to a sport that should be uniting fans around the world.

While some may point to this as a commercial distraction there are many who would argue that the NFL’s past is, in fact, the key to understanding the NFL’s future.  This game, like any living thing, has changed from its inception.  Some changes for the better and other for the worse.  Admittedly, there are always two sides to every argument but as the NFL rounds out their 100th year, now is definitely the time to have those arguments.

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