The Best Ways to Improve your Golf Game This Summer

The Best Ways to Improve your Golf Game This Summer


The Best Ways to Improve your Golf Game This Summer


Hoodies, football finals, and cold mornings are beginning to give way to longer days, sparkling sunshine, and a lure of a summer spent on the golf course. Your hibernating golf pals are dusting off their telephone index right now, just itching to call you up and tee that following round of golf.

However, are you ready for that call?

Is your golf game in great enough shape to set yourself for a fantastic summer of golf? Are all the right ingredients in place to make it a summer of golf you’ll never forget? Because after all, it’d be a pity to ruin the entire thing by going out and playing crappy golf.

Here are 12 golf strategy tips to use to get yourself ready for the next summer of golf that ought to go some way towards making this season an enjoyable time on the course.

Apr 15, 2021; Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA; Cameron Smith confers with his caddie on the eighth hole during the first round of the RBC Heritage golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

One Golf Strategy Should Include Practicing Your Putting

Hit lots of balls and play lots of rounds but do not forget your short game – especially your putting. Spend a few hours on the green before the summer season arrives. It might be boring yet stick to it. Convince yourself that it’s possible to putt the golf ball along a straight line on a flat surface, as well.

Clean your Golf Bag Out

Now’s the time to throw out those crumpled score cards, old gloves, chocolate bar wrappers and beaten-up balls. Turn the bag upside down, toss out that granola bar you dropped down your driver shaft and score yourself $5 bucks in change. You have a big summer ahead, so now’s the time for a thorough spring cleaning. And be certain to add some fresh sunscreen to the golf bag while you are at it.

Practice Correctly

There’s a lot of proof that suggests that just beating a lot of balls at the range is not an effective method of practicing. You are better off using a random practice routine rather than repeatedly hitting the same golf shot with the same golf club. Practice your game like you’re on the course. Hit, driver followed up by a chip out of the trees, followed up by a pitch on to the golf green. If you miss a golf shot, be certain to come back to it later on to ensure that you get it right.

Get Flexible and Fit

Did you ever play a round only to find that you’re tired the remainder of the day? Strolling 18 holes not just requires a specific level of fitness yet to ensure that your golf game does not suffer because of fatigue late in the round, it is smart to be even fitter. However, do not just get into shape and increase strength – be certain that you are flexible, as well. If you want a Rory McIlroy-like shoulder turn maybe you should immediately begin those pilates, yoga, or stretching classes.

Apr 15, 2021; Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA; Ian Poulter chips onto the green of the second hole during the first round of the RBC Heritage golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Get Some New Grips

While they aren’t a guarantee for lower golf scores, club grips are oftentimes overlooked. Ask the staff at the pro shop if your golf clubs require new grips. It often is less expensive than you think and will ensure that there isn’t any need to grip the golf club too tightly during your swing.

Speed Up

The majority of golfers might play a bit quicker. Even if you aren’t officially a slow golf player, consider ways to play the game faster. You can take one less golf practice swing, do not mark your golf ball as frequently or get a faster read. It’ll make for a more pleasurable summer for you, as well as your golf partners.

Change Your Golf Cleats

This should’ve been done at the start of winter – however, I am guessing you didn’t. Therefore, do it now. The ground ought to be soon drying up and reducing the need for new golf cleats, yet a strong support is needed for a good swing no matter what time of year it is.

Take Golf Lessons

Any time is a great time to get a lesson, yet the beginning of spring is perfect. Get an expert to assess your golf swing and knock out the winter cobwebs before summer’s sun really breaks through. Arrange a follow-up session as soon as the first lesson is done. It will make you practice what you have just learned.

Have a Pre-Shot Regimen

If you do not already have a pre-shot routine, you should get one. Drum it in until it becomes a habit. Choose the shot, choose the club, choose a target, perhaps a practice swing then pull the trigger. Same thing, each shot, every week; from your driver, all the way down to your putter. 

Pre-Round Stretch and Warm-Up 

If you are like most golfers who just show up at the course, hit some practice putts then tee it up – change that now. Discover the best warm-up exercises you can do before a round and be certain you’re at the course in time to practice them. At least it will probably increase your flexibility, and lead to better swings and longer lifespan playing good golf.

Lock In a 9-hole Round After or Before Work

It does not matter what course, just go get yourself and your friends out playing 9-holes one or two times per month. Even if your game is poor you will remember why golf is so much fun and the majority of clubs have affordable prices for twilight or early morning rounds.

One Last Golf Strategy Includes Spending Time on your Short Game

If there’s an aspect of golf you just cannot expect to be any good at without practice, it is your short game. It is the place in which it’s possible to turn bad golf rounds to good rounds then good rounds to excellent rounds. Here’s the good news; if you practice the short game, you are certain to improve. Lock in a time around the green before the days grow longer. 

All golf lovers know that they’re never done perfecting their putts, drives, chips or any other golf swing in their game. These 12 tips will improve your game and lower your scores this summer.

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