Best Fantasy Cricket Apps 2022 – Compare the Top Fantasy Cricket Apps

In our guide to the best fantasy cricket apps, we cover the ins and outs of fantasy cricket, from what fantasy cricket apps are, how to sign up and where it’s legal to download and enjoy them.

We also rank and review the five best apps for DFS and fantasy cricket and provide insight into what makes these apps so great so you can find the one that best meets your needs. So, keep reading to discover which apps topped our list and what they offer.

List of the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Looking for the best fantasy cricket apps can be challenging, so our experts have done the legwork for you. Below, you’ll find a list of their five top-rated apps, each legal to use in most US states.

  1. Battle Infinity – Yet to Launch, it is the Best Fantasy Cricket App with a Widely Promoted Cricket Offering
  2. FanDuel – Most Easy To Use Fantasy Betting App
  3. DraftKings – Best App for Fantasy Prize Pools
  4. Monkey Knife Fight – Top Fantasy App for Low Minimum Deposits

Reviews of the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

In addition to providing a list of the five best fantasy cricket apps, we have reviewed each of them, giving you insight into why we chose them. So, let’s dive in!

1. Battle Infinity – Yet to Launch, it is the Best Fantasy Cricket App with a Widely Promoted Cricket Offering

Battle Infinity

When it comes to unique DFS gaming, Battle Infinity takes the lead. Although yet to launch, this app is the first-ever blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports gaming platform. Further, developers have designed it to integrate with the Metaverse, opening the gates for players to build teams and duel it out online.

When the platform launches, players will have the opportunity to create avatars, access potentially valuable NFTs, set up challenges, and build rosters. Further, players will find Battle Infinity offers six Battle Arenas, including fantasy cricket. Since it is the only platform to provide this particular sport, our experts rank it as the best fantasy cricket app. In addition, players can find options like the Premier League and other fantasy sports.

When visiting Battle Infinity, players will use unique IBAT tokens, a Metaverse cryptocurrency, to place wagers, make deals in the marketplace, and cash out earnings. Although the site is yet to launch, players can already invest and buy $IBAT tokens that you can redeem on the platform.


  • Provides efficient battle swap banking
  • Features a tokenized market place
  • Has six battle arenas including fantasy cricket
  • Offers players their own avatars
  • Works of a P2E (play to earn) basis


  • Is yet to launch

2. FanDuel – Most Easy To Use Fantasy Betting App


Another top fantasy sports betting app that topped our list is FanDuel. One of two major players on the DFS scene, Fanduel emerged on the scene in 2009 and has since gained an exceptional reputation as one of the leading providers of salary cap daily fantasy sports.

When it comes to sports, FanDuel offers a wide assortment of options, with an outstanding basketball section that covers the NBA, and international leagues, including women’s basketball. Although yet to include a cricket fantasy app, betting on fantasy cricket is fast becoming a global trend. Since FanDuel is one of the major DFS betting platforms, it wouldn’t be surprising if it adds cricket to its options soon.

Another impressive aspect of this DFS platform is its overall layout and design. Featuring a sleek, almost corporate design, FanDuel is simple to navigate and user-friendly. However, the site isn’t as large as other DFS apps, and some promotions fall short. But that doesn’t mean that players can’t get their hands on a welcome bonus or reload bonus options.


  • Accepts US players from 44 states
  • Features six fantasy sports markets
  • Takes PayPal payments
  • Offers excellent customer service
  • App is user-friendly


  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies

3. DraftKings – Best App for Fantasy Prize Pools


Undoubtedly one of the biggest names in DFS in the United States, DraftKings offers the most extensive assortment of Daily Fantasy Sports in the US. As a result, players can enjoy ten sporting options, including the UFC, NBA, NHL, NFL, CFL, MLB, Soccer, eSports (League of Legends), NASCAR, and Golf. While DraftKings is yet to offer cricket, this market is taking off worldwide. Considering DraftKings is one of the most visited DFS platforms, we are sure this site will soon become one of the best fantasy cricket apps.

When visiting the platform, players can engage in weekly and even daily contests covering these ten sports, allowing them to win real money based on the performance of individual athletes they back.

Another exciting feature of DraftKings is the evergreen welcome bonus offered to DFS players. In this case, bettors using a DraftKings promo code can unlock a deposit bonus of up to $500.

While the platform offers great promos, players will also find an extensive range of contests to participate in, including a guaranteed prize pool, leagues, head-to-heads, multipliers, and qualifiers. By participating in these contests, players have additional ways to boost their bankrolls.

When it comes to funding your DraftKings account, you’ll find you can quickly deposit using instant transfers. However, if you’re looking to use cryptocurrencies, you’re out of luck.


  • Efficient payouts
  • Optimized for mobile betting
  • Features evergreen DFS promos
  • Offers over ten fantasy sports
  • Provides several exciting contests


  • Is yet to offer fantasy cricket

4. Monkey Knife Fight – Top Fantasy App for Low Minimum Deposits

Monkey Knife Fight

Although a slightly newer DFS platform, Monkey Knife Fight is there among the best of them and provides players with a simply-styled, easy-to-navigate interface. In addition to a more simplistic look and feel, the entire approach of MKF is that of minimalism, focusing on quality instead of quantity. As a result, players won’t find nearly as many contests as on DraftKings or FanDuel, but they will enjoy a less complicated DFS experience.

Besides being easy to use, MKF covers various fantasy sports, including tennis, soccer, the NBA, golf, MLB, NASCAR, and the UFC. While the site is yet to cover cricket, the offering of lesser-known fantasy sports like tennis leads us to believe that the platform will include the sport as soon as it becomes available, earning its place as one of the top fantasy cricket apps.

When it comes to promos, Monkey Knife Fight features a few, including bonuses for existing players and welcome bonuses for new players.


  • Low minimum deposit of $10
  • Covers fantasy sports like tennis
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Provides bonuses for new and existing players
  • Quick cashouts


  • Limited deposit options

Comparing the Top Fantasy Cricket Apps

Although reviews of these top fantasy cricket apps are helpful, viewing the main features of each at a glance makes it much easier to find the one best suited to you. So, with that in mind, we created the handy table below:

Fantasy Cricket App Price Fantasy Cricket No. of Fantasy Sports Prize Pools Prize Money
Battle Infinity Free / Depends on League 6 TBC TBC
FanDuel Free  9 Yes $100 – $100,000+
DraftKings Free 13 Yes $100 – $1 million + 
Monkey Knife Fight Free 9 Yes $1000+

Is it Legal to Bet on Fantasy Cricket Apps in the US?

Unlike traditional sports betting, DFS is far more accessible in the US. While most states consider sports betting a game of luck or chance and, therefore, a form of gambling, they view Daily Fantasy Sports differently. Since DFS players must use skill to pick players accurately and win a contest, it is not considered gambling. Further, when sports betting, you’ll need to wager a bet with a bookie to gamble on the outcome, but with DFS, you’re wagering into a pool against other players who have the same chances as you of winning. As a result, more states allow fantasy cricket apps and other DFS platforms.

However, keep in mind that seven states still prohibit DFS, and these include:

  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Louisiana
  • Hawaii

But, the remaining 43 states legally authorized players to sign up and use DFS apps and websites.Who can Play on Fantasy Cricket Apps in the US?Since fantasy cricket apps and DFS, in general, are only prohibited in seven states, it is relatively accessible to most players. However, there are a few stipulations players using the best fantasy cricket apps must follow. So, let’s look and see who can play on fantasy cricket apps in the US.

  • Players must be 18 or older to play cricket using fantasy apps in most states.
  • Although rare, some states require players to be over 19 or 21 years to play.
  • Players must be residents of a state that permits access to that DFS brand.
  • App users must verify their age and address to complete withdrawals.
  • Must not have duplicate accounts for the same fantasy cricket app.
  • The player must not be banned from sports betting or participating in DFS online or on an app.
  • In states that apply geofencing, players using a fantasy cricket app must remain within state lines while using the app.

What are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

The best fantasy cricket apps are platforms that enable players to build teams and compete against other players in contests based on actual cricket events and players. As a result, players download these apps on their mobile devices to build their teams and face off against other players.Much like other Daily Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Cricket sees players composing virtual teams of real cricket players.

Players then score points based on how those players perform in real-life matches. So, to win a tournament or a contest, players must aim to achieve the maximum amount of points and rank highest on the leader board. As a result, players must have an in-depth knowledge of cricket, the various teams, and player stats.

How Betting at Fantasy Cricket Apps Work

Betting on fantasy cricket apps is similar to betting on other fantasy sports.

However, cricket has a unique format compared to other sports, and this is where things differ slightly. Firstly, you’ll need to select your team of 11 players and three substitutes. Additionally, you’ll find no budget caps (you aren’t restricted by resources when creating your team), and you can pick any number of batters, bowlers, wicket-keepers, or all-rounders. However, some of the best fantasy cricket apps impose their own prerequisites to make it more challenging.

Once you have selected your team, you can choose the bowling and batting orders. Remember, the concept of fantasy cricket is based on batting and bowling orders, and a single change could alter the course of the game. A scorecard on the app will show you your player’s scores and bowling figures. While most apps have their own rules, the game overall remains the same.

So, you’ll want to pick the players that end up outscoring the opposing team by a wide margin. Players then earn you point depending on how they do in real-life matches. For instance, if your player hits a six, you could earn five points, or if they take a wicket, that could equal ten points.

When playing fantasy cricket, there are several matches you can play, and these follow the structure of international games, including Twenty20, a One Day International, or Test Cricket. Further, the prizes vary depending on the contest you participate in and the type of game you play. However, these prizes are often cash.

Players pay to take part in the competition, forming a prize pool, so the more you pay to play, the more your potential winnings. Further, the more players participating, the greater the prize pool.

How We Rank the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

When looking for the best fantasy cricket apps, there are several things our experts consider before deciding whether a fantasy cricket app is worth using. So, look below at some aspects they measure these apps against before giving them a thumbs up.

Choice of Fantasy Cricket Leagues

Firstly, our experts consider the cricket leagues available when looking at the best fantasy cricket apps.

Generally, there are three international cricket tournaments players can enjoy, including the International Cricket Twenty20 Fantasy League, The International Cricket ODI (One Day International) Fantasy League, and the International Test Cricket Fantasy League.

However, not all fantasy cricket apps offer all three, so we suggest seeing what leagues you can enjoy before signing up. Naturally, the more there are, the better.

Bonuses & Promotions

Another aspect to consider is the promotions and bonuses offered. While some apps offer exceptionally generous promos, the play-through requirements of these can be unachievable. However, the best fantasy cricket apps will offer rewards with low wagering requirements and boost your bankroll. So, we suggest reading the fine print of the promos first before signing up for them to ensure they are generous and fair. Further, look out for fantasy cricket apps that offer guaranteed prize pools. While not exactly a bonus, these guaranteed prizes often offer cash rewards that sit above seven figures.

Safety & Security

When choosing a fantasy cricket app, one of the essential aspects to consider is the security and safety the app provides. Since you are inputting your personal information to create your profile and linking the app to your banking, crypto, or eWallet system, choosing an app that uses encryption is always best. As a result, your sensitive information is protected from hackers and scammers.

Payment Methods

In order to place a wager on fantasy cricket apps, you’ll need first to fund your DFS account. Further, should you win, you’ll want to withdraw your earnings. As a result, our experts recommend looking for an app that offers the payment methods you want to use. While the best fantasy cricket apps offer several banking options, others feature limited ways, so checking before signing up is essential. Further, some apps impose deposit and withdrawal fees and limits, so make sure to check these too.

Customer Support

Finally, take the time to review the customer service offered by the fantasy cricket app. While some provide live chat and will help you resolve any issues you may have instantly, others only communicate over email and may take days to respond to your queries. So, look for an app that provides several customer service options and good reviews in this area from other users.

How to Sign Up to a Top Fantasy Cricket App

Before we start, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, the Battle Infinity fantasy cricket app is still in development, so you won’t be able to sign up for an account yet or view the sports available to play. Further, the site operates as a crypto gaming platform that allows players to use cryptocurrency to purchase the platform’s currency, IBAT, which are BEP-20 tokens. Finally, because Battle Infinity is yet to launch, players can invest now by buying tokens to ensure they have a foot in the door when the app officially launches.

So, let’s look at how to invest in IBAT tokens:

Step One: Set Up Your Crypto Wallet

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a crypto wallet compatible with the blockchain Battle Infinity is hosted on, which, in this case, is Binance Smart Chain. Battle Infinity suggests using Trust Wallet or Metamask, which you can download and follow the site’s instructions to create the wallet before connecting the wallet to Binance Smart Chain.

Battle Infinity Step One Trust Wallet

Step Two: Buy Binance Coin (BNB)

Visit some of the best crypto exchanges to purchase Binance Coin before transferring it to your crypto wallet. Of course, Binance itself is an excellent place to start.

Battle Infinity Step Two BinanceStep Three: Link Your Crypto Wallet to the Battle Infinity Presale Dashboard

Firstly, head to the Battle Infinity website before tapping the red “Launch Presale Dashboard” button. Then, tap the green “Connect Wallet” button on the page that opens. Next, select your crypto wallet from the pop-up before following the instructions on how to connect your wallet.

Battle Infinity Step Three Link Your WalletStep Four: Purchase Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Following linking your wallet, you can buy Battle Infinity tokens (IBAT). So, scroll down to the “Buy IBAT” box. Here you can fill in the amount of IBAT you want to purchase or the amount of BNB you would like to invest. When you’re done, you can tap “Buy IBAT.”

Battle Infinity Step Four Buy IBATStep Five: Importing the IBAT Contract Address

Lastly, you’ll need to manually import the token’s contract address into your crypto wallet to access your investment. So, tap “Import Tokens” and enter in the unique INBAT contract address in the pop-up. You can find this address in Battle Infinity’s official Telegram group.

Once ready, tap “Add Custom Token,” and you’re done!

Types of Fantasy Cricket App Leagues/Contests

When it comes to the best fantasy cricket apps, players will find a few different cricket leagues to compete in, including the One Day International, Twenty20, and Test Cricket. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these:

International Cricket Twenty20 World Cup Fantasy League

The Twenty20 World Cup Championship is a major cricketing event that sees 16 of the world’s best international cricket teams compete every second year to win the ICC T20 Trophy. Since this league has so many fantastic T20 teams and individual leagues, it is a popular competition in the world of fantasy cricket. As a result, it is one of the most popular leagues found on the best fantasy cricket apps.

International Cricket ODI (One Day International) Fantasy League

Another popular fantasy cricket app league is the ODI World Championship League. In this case, an ODI (One Day International) is a cricket match played between two international teams, where each team faces a fixed number of overs (currently 50.) Further, each game lasts around nine hours and fits into one day. Many sports fans enjoy these matches as they are packed with excitement, making them a top choice for DFS players.

International Cricket Test Match Fantasy League

While many players perceive test matches as boring, dragging out over five days, others prefer this format as it tests stamina and skill, and players will need to wait five days before finding out where their team scored and how it faired against the competitors.

Our Top 5 Tips for Playing at Fantasy Cricket Apps

When playing on the best fantasy cricket apps, you’ll need to select 11 of the best players to form your team and achieve the score you’re after. While this may seem easy, getting DFS betting right can be challenging. So, take a look below for five tips for playing at fantasy cricket apps:

Tip One: Get To Know Your Players

Firstly, before picking your team, we suggest getting to know your players. In addition to tracking their stats and consistency, follow up on their most recent performance and form. While a player may be exceptional, if they are off form or have an injury, this could play a significant role in their performance.

Tip Two: Keep Tabs on the Pitch Report

Although checking the weather and looking at the pitch report are crucial factors, many players using the best fantasy cricket apps don’t do this, which is to their disadvantage. For instance, if a pitch is dry and slow, and the game occurs in the afternoon, spinners would make a better choice for the team than swing bowlers. In other words, pick the right players for the right pitch.

Tip Three: Concentrate on Your Captain and Vice Captain Picks

When selecting your Captain and Vice-Captain, carefully consider your decision as a Captain will receive 2X bonus points for each run he scores, while the Vice-Captain receives 1.5X points. So, selecting your two top performers for these roles would make sense.

Tip Four: Pick High Performance Players

While it is tempting to pick your favorite players or those that perform as the favorites overall, try not to do this. Instead, select the players best known for their performance. Since consistency is highly prized in cricket, a team that performs well continually will get you to the top of the leaderboard when playing on fantasy cricket apps.

Tip Five: Know Your Competition

While knowing your team well is essential, it also pays to get to know your competition. When you learn and understand their strategies, it becomes easy to conceive your own competitive plan and get a leg up.

Types of Bonuses available at Fantasy Cricket Apps

Because there are so many DFS platforms, the best fantasy cricket apps compete to sign up new players and keep existing players returning. One way these sites do this is by offering exciting bonuses. So, let’s review the best bonuses on fantasy cricket apps:

Matched Deposit Bonus

A match deposit is one of the more common bonuses offered by cricket fantasy apps. In this case, the DFS platform rewards new players for depositing funds into their accounts for the first time by matching their deposits up to a specific amount. For instance, if a fantasy cricket app offers a 100% matched deposit up to $500, a player depositing $250 will receive an additional $250 t spend.

No Deposit Bonus

In contrast to a matched deposit which requires a player to fund their fantasy cricket app account, a no deposit bonus rewards a player for merely signing up or downloading the app. In this case, the app gives a player free credit to play and explore their options risk-free. However, players often deposit funds once these credits run out so they can continue playing. For instance, a site may give a player $20 in free credits.

Referral Bonus

A bonus often awarded to existing players is a referral bonus. For example, a cricket fantasy app provides a player with their own unique code. If this player encourages their friends to sign up and use their code, both the player and their friend will receive a referral bonus.

Free Contest Entry

In some cases, the best fantasy cricket apps include a free contest entry as part of their welcome promotion. In this case, the site gives the player free entry into specific contests or free credits to participate in set contests.

The Best Payment Methods for Fantasy Cricket Apps

Gamers must first deposit funds into their DFS account when playing on the best fantasy cricket apps. Additionally, they’ll need to withdraw the funds when they want to claim winnings. As a result, fantasy cricket apps offer players several ways to deposit and withdraw funds. So, let’s review the most common options:

Crypto Betting Options

Presently, cryptocurrency is one of the most popular methods used by players to fund their accounts because crypto offers security and anonymity and has few fees. As a result, many of the best fantasy cricket apps accept various forms of crypto, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Binance, and Ripple. For instance, Battle Infinity only works with Binance (BNB). However, DraftKings doesn’t work with cryptocurrency at all.

eWallet Betting Options

Another payment method favored by players for its fraud protection is eWallets. As a result, the best fantasy cricket apps work with several eWallet providers, including PayPal, EcoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller. So, to deposit or withdraw using PayPal, visit DraftKings.

Traditional Payment Methods

Although crypto and eWallets are gaining popularity, some fantasy cricket apps allow users to deposit or withdraw using more traditional methods, like a credit card, debit card, bank wire, or check. So to fund your account using Visa or MasterCard, head to FanDuel.

Battle Infinity IBAT CurrencyThe Best Fantasy Cricket App in the US

Although there are several fantastic DFS apps, few offer fantasy cricket. However, this market is taking the world by storm, and if our experts’ predictions are correct, it will soon be a leading fantasy sports option.So, it makes sense then that our pick for the best fantasy cricket app goes to Battle Infinity. Besides offering a completely new take on DFS that integrates with the Metaverse, it is one of the few that will provide fantasy cricket as soon as it launches. So, don’t get left behind. Instead, invest with Battle Infinity and start shaping your teams.


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