4 Ways The NFL Is Honoring John Madden On Thanksgiving 2023

John Madden

NFL icon John Madden died in 2021, but many fans will forever associate Madden with Thanksgiving football.

He loved the game and commentating on Thanksgiving was one of his favorite things.

The NFL will honor Madden in four ways during the Thanksgiving Day triple-header.

Those four ways are as follows:

1. A Video Narrated By Madden

What better way to remember Madden than by showing a video narrated in his voice about his love of football and Thanksgiving?

2. A Madden-Inspired Coin For The Coin Toss

A special coin will be used for the coin tosses in all three games.

Madden’s profile will be on the heads side.

A six-legged turducken will be on the tails side.

3. John Madden Jersey Patch

The six teams playing will have a John Madden patch on their jerseys showing his face with a microphone.

4. John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration Stencils

Each home field will have ““John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration” stenciled onto the field.

Want more John Madden Thanksgiving memories?

Check out this video of the legendary Madden and Pat Summerall broadcasting team calling the 1998 Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys game.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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