5 Interesting Facts About Foosball


Foosball fans there? You’ll be sure interested in knowing some interesting things about the game. Don’t have any idea about foosball? Well, remember that game with Joy and Chandler (in F.R.I.E.N.D.S)  used to play- the one that looks that football on a table? Yeah, that’s the thing. You’ll still find these facts about the Foosball interesting. Foosball is one of the most popular games played across the world.

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5 interesting Facts about Foosball

So, let’s get right to the list of 5 facts that we have in stock, which, we expect, you will find pretty interesting!

#1 The most money won playing foosball…. 1 million dollars!

What? Yeah, that’s right! In 1978, a world championship was help for foosball. The winners took home a full, whopping, sparkling, 1 million dollars- in 1978. It was one of the highest tournament prizes awarded. Well, that honestly is a lot of money they made playing foosball!

#2 Till date, we don’t know who created foosball first

Crazy, right? As popular as the game is, there were so many claims of creation of foosball that no one seems to be sure of who brought this wonderful game out. The credit is given to Harold Searles Thornton due to availability of valid patents recorded in favour of him, dated 1923. But so many claims state that the game had been around far before 1923. Besides, many claimants had come up with some interesting stories about inventing Foosball.

#3 The longest Foosball game lasted 61 hours and 17 minutes

You got the figures right! The longest ever foosball played lasted a full of 61 hours and 17 minutes (we know it sounds so exhausting!). There is actually a Guinness world record stating this game played on September 1, 2012, as the longest foosball game played. The record was made by a team of Austrians, Alexander Kuen, Manuel Larcher, Bernd Neururer and Dietmar Neururer. Yeah, we too are wondering how they held up so long! Whatever, they got a record made though!

#4 The longest Foosball table ever made was over 120 metres long!

Again, you got the figures right- 121.40 m to be exact. The table was created by an Italian, Marco Berry Onlus in 2015. As many as 424 players played the game in one go. The game was an attempt to raise funds which were to be donated to a children’s hospital in Hargeisa, Somalia, MAS CTH. Great cause and all, but 121-metre long foosball table? Whoa!

#5 There is literally an international organization for Foosball!

This might come as a real shocker, at least for those who are new to the concept and game of Foosball. Well, but there is indeed an organization at an international level, framing rules and doing promotions for Foosball! ITSF (an acronym for International Table Soccer Federation) is the not-for-profit world organization representing the game of table soccer we are referring to. It came to existence in 2002 and is made with proper law governing it! The organization makes rules for international competitions as well as promotes fair play in table soccer. So much importance for a game!

Some other quick Foosball facts:

  • Many people call the foosball players ‘foosers’. That’s a pretty interesting name to come up with. Are you a fooser? Do you know any foosers?
  • Players who are well trained in foosball can take the ball to the speed of 35mph. That tiny ball, 35 mph, huh?
  • Hayes and Furr created the first American foosball table back in 1970. Americans have someone to thank now, huh?
  • American and European foosball tables: Foosball tables come in two versions, or say configurations. The American version has got 3 goalies. On the other hand, the European version has got just one goalie.

So we hope this article presented you with the kind of facts that you were looking for. Do you know any facts about this amazing game that might shock others? Let us know in the comments below.

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