5 Running tips for the beginners

5 Running tips for the beginners

It’s time to say YES to the fitness. Tight your shoe less and get ready to burn your fat and boost your fitness. As you are a beginner so here are the 5 running tips from the experts. Have a look and stay healthy and fit.

Some Basic needs you can’t ignore:

For any fitness workout you need some basic things, like a good sports truck shoot, a smooth and comfortable pair of sneakers, socks, and the most important thing a running belt to carry your small but essential household or necessary things, like the door key, your cell phone. Some time you can carry chocolates too, if you decide to go for the long distance. So this running belt is very much necessary for a runner.

Now come to the main 5 running tips which will help you a lot.


  • Start with a short distance: As you are a new runner so your body may not permit for the long distance. So, be patient and start with the short distance and keep intervals during your running. It will recycle your energy level and speed up your enthusiasm. Start running without any expectation; otherwise you can lose your interest. Avoid a continuous running, take 2 minutes break and keep walking that time, it will prepare your body and mind too.



  • Control your Speed and keep running: As you are a new runner, there is a chance of being excited while doing such sporty work, but remember over excitement is injuries to health. Your body is not used to your sudden decision. So, don’t do any mistake like run too fast, and harm yourself with pain or injuries, frustration. If you really want to run for the long-term, then start slowly, choose a right and comfortable zone for your healthy attempt.



  • Stay Focus, and concentrate while running: Our brain works well if it able to get ample of fresh oxygen. So always run in a fresh zone, while running don’t take extra stress, just keep focus, and concentrate on your workout. Don’t even think where you have placed your keys, your social media notification or your favorite calorie foods. Thinking like this actually distracts your brain. So avoid such things and use a comfortable running belt, which has enough space to carry everything and make you more active while running.



  • Choose a perfect surface for your running: This is a common question for each and every beginner, what surface they should choose for running. Various types of surface are there like Pavement, Park, Treadmill, Sandy Surface, Tartan etc, but among these for the beginner the soft surface is suitable, so you can choose the park ground, or treadmill, but if you don’t have these option, you can choose any of these not a problem, just make sure that your ankle shouldn’t get harm or injure.



  • Drink lots of water: Running is indeed good as it is the whole body workout. But if you are from the hot weather then drink a plenty of water before start to run and after finishing it s too, so that you never get dehydrate. Your body needs a proper care to boost you ample of energies.


Never compare yourself with any other runners. Give your best and stay focused on your running, being a new runner you are giving your best. So always motivate yourself and keep running.

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