6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Body’s Metabolism for Peak Athletic Performance

Have you always wondered why your best friend is not gaining any weight even if you both frequent buffet dinners and do pig out weekends while you still tip the scale a few pounds more each time? Or why does she always look all hype up and rejuvenated in any given day while you are all too tired of exhaustion even just doing your regular 30-minute workout?  It’s all about metabolism. Metabolism is a body chemical process that has something to do with the speed of calorie burning or the number of calories that an individual burns every day. Every individual has a different metabolic rate- a low or a high metabolic rate. This is the most likely logical reason why your best friend can east as much as she can without really gaining as much weight as you do.

Simply put, your friend’s body can burn calories easier and faster (high metabolism) than your body can (low metabolism).  The most common problems that come with low metabolism are gaining extra weight, difficulty in losing weight, fatigue, stress, slow heart rate, and constipation.

Here are 6 simple ways on how you can improve your metabolism (provided you are not suffering from a serious illness that can also affect metabolism.)  These are the same simple ways that you can do to live a fit and healthy life.

1) Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

No matter how rushed you are for the day, make sure you eat your breakfast. This way, you really won’t have to worry about craving for food during the first half of your day at work. A balanced breakfast will help you sustain your energy throughout your busy morning.  

2) Avoid Overeating

Develop a habit of eating small portions of meal throughout the day instead of ordering a considerable lunch enough to feed your entire staff. Do not overstuff yourself with all the food that you really don’t need to eat in just one sitting. Snack on fruits if you really need to pop something in your mouth.  

3) Drink Lots of Water

It’s a fundamental healthy rule- drink 6 to 8 8-ounce of water every day. Water is very essential to make sure that the energy-burning process of metabolism works effectively. Water will also replenish your body of all the calories burned.  

4) Exercise Often

Do not give up on your 30-minute workout and do it as much as you can. Make sure you have a right combination of aerobics, power training, cardiovascular, and resistance exercises to help build your muscles and prevent injuries to your knees, hip and back muscles.  Muscles burn more calories than fat and the more muscles you have, the more you can say goodbye to calories.  

5) Eat Right

This is a no-brainer. Eating right can be the most straightforward key to any health problem, right? But for a better metabolism, include in your diet food that contains beta-carotene and amino acids. Using herbs can also increase your metabolism. See what kind of some Herbs for weight loss you can use.

6) Sleep Not Less Than 7-8 Hours a Day

Get enough rest for the night, so you don’t feel already stressed and exhausted from the minute you shut off the alarm. A good night’s rest conditions your body for the challenges you will face the rest of your day.  

Now those steps are simple in every sense, right?  These are straightforward steps that can address not only your problems with metabolism but with your health in general.  Don’t worry too much how your best friend goes with her eating and health habits. You can achieve it all, and you’ll be both happy best friend campers always.