Interviews Former Angel Adam Riggs

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Interview conducted by David Saltzer, Senior Writer

One of the thing I love most about baseball is when I get the chance to talk with former players to hear from them what it was like playing the game and what happened during their tenure. As fans, we are only exposed to such a tiny portion of the game compared to those who play it for a living and those who work within the industry. The more I can listen to them, the better my understanding of the game becomes, and the more I can fill in the gaps of what truly happened during a season.

One former player that I recently had the opportunity to talk with was Adam Riggs. The first thing I thought of when talking to him was the uniform mishap that he had pictured above. We talked about that, and found out who may have had a role in the whole story. But, we talked about a lot more than that. We discussed how he landed his job with the team, what it was like to play for Scioscia, and his favorite Angels teammates. Fans may recall the incident with Jose Guillen, but they might not recall that it was Adam Riggs who started in left field the next day after the incident. Adam and I discussed that. It’s well worth listening to.

Since retiring from the game, Adam Riggs has started a weekly Angels podcast on the BLEAV Podcast Network along with co-host Matt Gallant. I strongly recommend tuning in and getting a different perspective on the game–the perspective of a former player. The format works well because Adam played for a variety of roles for a variety of clubs, and can tell fans what its like to struggle to find a job in the game and to hold onto a position. He provides great insights that fans might miss and might not get covered through traditional sources. And, he’s looking to bring in other former players are guests to get their insights into the game.

Based on my interview with Adam, I’m excited to see where his podcast goes. It’s easy to download and listen to on your own schedule, and very enjoyable. You can catch up on all of Adam’s podcasts on the BLEAV Podcast Network by clicking here. New episodes arrive weekly.

Click below to listen to my interview with Adam Riggs.




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