Look: Antonio Brown’s hot girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss is a sight to behold

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Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown has made a habit of dominating his opponents on the field, as he excels at getting separation and beating any type of coverage that’s thrown his way.

Opposing defenses have tried to focus their coverage on taking Brown away, and it sometimes works through a good chunk of the game, but the Steelers receiver has found a way to produce big, game-changing plays in the fourth quarter — often leading to victory.

He’s a clutch player, and he has a pretty great woman by his side as well.

Brown has been dating Chelsie Kyriss on and off for a number of years, and the two have four children (three sons, one daughter) together — Antonio Brown Jr., Antanyiah, Autonomy and Ali. They’re back together now, after Brown briefly left her for Instagram model Jena Frumes.

Now that you know they’re back dating again, here are some photos of Antonio and Chelsie.







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