Badminton Racket Material: How to Make Right Choice

If you have serious ambitions about badminton, you must know how important it is to find the right equipment. In order to choose the best badminton racket, it is a good idea to know more about its components. In this article we will explain you how to look for the racket to suit your needs.

Aluminum and Graphite
Initially badminton rackets were made from wood. They were way too heavy,so now their frames include lightweight materials. Among them are graphite and aluminum. It helps to make rackets more manageable and maneuverable. In addition, such rackets move more quickly through the air. Nevertheless, some players give preference to heavier rackets. They are more powerful and help reduce shock. For their manufacturing more graphite fiber is used.

Among badminton racket materials you are going to find nylon. It is used for the strings. This material is relatively cheap but strong enough. The size of the string is designated by gauge number. If the gauge value is low, the string will be thick. In this case players have more control over the racket but lose power. If you choose thin synthetic strings, you will gain more power but note that such strings are likely to wear and tear faster.

Natural Animal Gut
It may come as a surprise but some people choose animal gut strings. They say that it gives them more control and power. In addition, gut strings absorb shock and reduce vibration. It is better for the arm. The disadvantages of this material are high price and low durability.

Cotton and Elastic
Badminton racket materials also include cotton and elastic used for the towel.In most cases they are used by professional players because they like their qualities which absorb perspiration. It gives a player more confidence that hand grip will remain constant. Since grips contain cotton material they can be dyed in various colors.

Best Badminton Rackets by Brand
Now that you know how to choose a racket according to its components there are a few brands which offer great badminton rackets. Let’s look through them in order to understand how theory works in practice.

Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash
Its main advantages are power and speed. It provides perfect control and incredible speed, plus it swings excellently. Its shaft is very slim so that air resistance is high enough. It is easy to move this racket through the air and control the shuttlecock. Some players still say that it is a bit weak in terms of defense.

Victor Jetspeed S12
This is the perfect balance of power and maneuverability. As a result, the racket can be used by players with different needs. It is manufactured with Aero-Sword type of frame which providesgreatdefense and accurate drop shots. Its stable headensures that your pushes are powerful. Those who prefer aggressive style will appreciate it.

Wilson Ti Smash 
The best bet for those who need aggressive racket for a low price. This variant is perfect at smashing. In differ from other racketsthis model is madeout of one piece of frame. It influences the price and makes the entire construction more simple. However, it is not that good for flexibility. It can be a great choice for beginners.

Apacs Edgesaber
This variant is perfect for the mid-market. Its power is incredibly high while the price is rather reasonable. Its construction includes carbon nanotube and lightweight materials. As a result, this racket is very maneuverable. It holds enough weight to provide good smashes. Owing to an isometric head frame this racket is also good for players without a lot of experience.

We have taken into account reviews of professional players and users without a lot of practice to provide the most useful tips for you. Note that when you choose a racket you should understand your goals. If you want to be more maneuverable, it is better to choose lightweight variants. If you need more power, choose wood then. In case you do not know how to start, the best idea is to buy a racket which is not very expensive. It will help you understand your needs, your skills and your preferences as well.

Just take your time to properly think and consider each factor because the quality of your game depends on the equipment which you obtain. We hope it will help you get the perfect match for you and reach the level which you dream of. Good luck!