Best Gifts for Bikers and Motorcycle Lovers

Gift ideas for bikers and motorcycle lovers don’t come automatically especially if you are not a biker yourself. You may not know what accessories to give as gifts and what you should stay away from. To surprise someone you cherish with these kinds of gifts can be a challenge because you need to be sure that it will be of any value to them. Here is a guide to help you buy biker jewelry that is meaningful and relevant especially if you don’t want to get the usual gift card that can be used for anyone. It is always going to be useful to understand the model and make your friend’s motorcycle. However, if you don’t get to know that, these ideas should leave you in a good position to get a good gift for a biker:


Stock motorcycle horns are usually very weak and terrible. Therefore, you can consider helping a biker to upgrade by buying them something that is bigger and safe to use. There is variety to choose from, with horns that can fit a bike that doesn’t have much room under the fairings. Some are not loud but with their bell horn, they can provide your biker with enough noise. If you want to go for the air horns, you need to get details of the make, year and model of the bike in question.

Ear Protection

Every biker needs hearing protection and therefore, you can never go wrong in buying them this kind of gift. Foam earplugs are highly affordable but there is a problem – their design is meant to block out everything. They are also not meant for use on various occasions implying that you will have to carry around the extra load. Therefore, go for earplugs that can address these concerns. There are those with a dynamic filter to filter out both low and high frequencies. At the same time, the biker will be in a position to hear what needs to be heard such as horns and sirens while riding. Make sure that the earplug is washable to make it usable for a long time.

Automatic Chain Oilers

Lubrication is important for those who love motorcycles even though new bikers tend to overlook it. Lubing the chain is somewhat painful for most bikers especially because it is time-consuming and can get messy at times. However, there are chain oilers that can automatically lubricate the chain as you ride and help the biker save the lifespan of the sprocket and the chain. Get to know if the person has difficulties in oiling their motorcycle chain and find this great solution for them. Due to the various options available in the market, it may be important to know the make, year and model of the bike.

Power Bank

It is a great idea to have a power bank for a biker. Therefore, get a power bank powerful enough to charge all their devices as they ride along. This helps in keeping the bike’s battery tender free for other purposes like a mounted GPS and heated gear. It is particularly because each of these electronics can be many for the battery to take care of at once. In that case, a power bank would be an appropriate gift for a biker.


Taking calls the conventional way while riding can be a risky thing to do. Even with that, bikers need to talk to people they are riding with on the trails or road. For that reason, they will definitely need a communicator to help them do that. There are those with Bluetooth functionality for use by riders to pump music, do phone calls or provide a motorcycle GPS tracker with instructions via the included helmet mike and speakers. Advanced communicators can be paired with other units to enhance group communication.

Waist Bag

If you think the biker doesn’t have many options for storage, a waist bag is something you can buy for them. It is typically a small bag worn around the waist facing either backward or frontwards as one may please. This is a waterproof bag, big enough to carry house keys, a wallet and electronic gadgets among other things.

It is not always clear on what gift to buy for a biker but with this kind of information, you will always come up with a good decision. There are some gifts for a biker that will be general while others would require you to know the make, year and model of the bike. Therefore, all these factors are to be put into consideration.