Bigger disaster: Chernobyl or the Celtics summer?

Celtics Chernobyl

Despite it’s dark and somber tone, I’ve been enjoying HBO’s miniseries on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Unfortunately, I’m living through another disaster – the Celtics offseason.

First Kyrie Irving. Then the Lakers nab Anthony Davis. And now…. Al Horford? The Herald’s Steve Bulpett has the head-shaking details:

Al Horford’s Celtics career apparently has come to an end after three years with the club. According to a source close to the All-Star center, his representation has ceased discussions with the Celts on a new contract.

Though no further information was given, other league sources from the West told the Herald it is expected Horford will sign a four-year contract elsewhere. With free agents unable to sign until July 6, there remains a possibility that changes on certain teams (even the Celtics) between now and then could impact this move, but it appears to be rather firmly set as of this point.

Holy sh*t. I guess we were a bit premature to assume “team favorite” Al would cut the Celtics a break on his new contract.

It appears Al got a whiff of the market and isn’t looking back, especially if the Celtics aren’t coming through with enough cash. Al may have a nice guy persona, but he doesn’t f-ck around with contract negotiations. Just ask the Hawks. 

If other teams are offering Horford upwards of $80-to-$100 million then I will applaud Danny Ainge for not overpaying a 33-year old center just because he’s having a tough month.

We’ll see how this shakes out. I’m not totally convinced Al is done with the Celtics.

Oh… Kyrie Irving is trying to say he’s been totally open and forthcoming with the Celtics front office:

WTF is a private signal?

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