Brad Marchand Will Not Be Suspended for Punching Scott Harrington

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins

Last night, at the end of game three, Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand punched Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Scott Harrington in the back of the head, with a gloved hand.

Post punch, the Marchand haters took to Twitter to demand that Marchand be suspended for his questionable act. There was no call on the play and it appears that the officials didn’t see the punch in question.

The Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy did see the punch in question and is going to have a discussion with his All-Star forward.

Now, these types of unnecessary hits happen all of the time during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, but since it’s Marchand, the haters are triggered.

Keven Allen of The USA Today presents us with this take on the matter.

If the NHL’s Department of Player Safety doesn’t suspend him, then it has become an enabler for his behavior. He has been given enough chances. He’s at the point where every time he commits an act of this nature, he needs to be punished.

If this had been anyone other than Marchand or Tom Wilson, would even be talking about this today? Maybe, maybe not.

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety has reviewed the punch in question and Marchand won’t be suspended. You can imagine that every action by Marchand from here on out will be under extra scrutiny.

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