Brady vs. Manning Round 17


The AFC championship is set and the NFL has gotten exactly what it wanted. It will be another Brady vs. Manning showdown. The upper hand has to go to Brady who has had more success in the post season. Going into this game Brady has an 11-5 record vs. Manning.

When looking at the stats this has not been a record year for Manning. He has only started 10 games after he was replaced by Brock Osweiler for 7 weeks while Peyton was healing his foot injury. Osweiler has already beaten the Patriots this year in a game where he threw just about 300 yards. For that reason alone I would start him over Peyton. I respect Peyton for coming back but it is time he just faces it and hangs up the cleats.

Manning’s touchdown to interception ratio is just awful this year as he has thrown for only 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Take it for what it is but his QB rating is only 45. I tend not to read ESPN’s QB rating because I find it inaccurate, there is no way Kirk Cousins is better than Tom Brady.

Brady’s touchdown to interception ratio is just about the opposite as he has 36 touchdowns to 7 interceptions. And once again take it for what it is but Brady’s QB rating is 64.4. Brady averages 298.1 yards a game compared to Manning’s 224.9.

It’s easy we all know who the better Quarterback is, but unfortunately QB’s can’t win the game alone. Denver has a very good defense it’s hard to avoid saying that. But the Patriots almost beat them in the regular season well we were fighting the injuries of everyone including Gronk who went down with a knee injury in that game. Sunday’s game is going to be great, we are just 1 win away from taking the trip to San Francisco! Later in the week, look for an article comparing the defenses of both the Patriots and Broncos.


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