Cam Girls, Cyber Sex Fad or Evolution

Today we’re going to talk about a trend that sweeping America and the world. Exactly what I’m talking about is webcam sex shows. These are xxx cam shows where women and guys too strip naked for people who pay them in digital tokens are cold Hard cash; depending on which webcam platform you’re talking about. That’s right, in fact literally millions of people are participating in this hot new adult activity on the internet. Whether it is the new porn or just a testament of shifting norms in adults communication in the digital age is a question that’s hard to answer.

Sex on Cams is Okay?

The big question is where does fantasy start? Many people are asking do adult webcam sites reinforce either objectification of women or encourage forced prostitution? These are certainly hot-button issues in society an important questions to ask. However objectification of women it’s just a fact of life and as long as we’re talking about adult entertainment the fantasy world there is nothing wrong with the adoring sexy women or participating in a sexual activity between two consenting adults. The latter issue is one of law enforcement, and that encouraging anything harmful. However I simply choosing the right adult webcam sites, you can leave it up to these platforms to make sure that that’s one of nonsense is not allowed. Okay so once we dispose of those obvious two issues what we’re left with is again adults over the age of 18 talk to you on webcam about sex. Okay so usually there’s more than talking, typically these shows consist of one or both parties masturbating for each other live. In a nutshell that’s what adult cams are. So what’s so wrong with that? The truth is nothing is wrong with that, and it’s foolish to think that fantasy webcams for adults are somehow going to change people’s behaviors in other circumstances that are not pure fantasy. Fantasy shows have existed since the beginning of time, whether that’s strip clubs, or porn videos fantasy is just that; an extension of imagination meant For your entertainment.

How Big is the Live Sex Business

Estimates are live sex cams are now a 5 billion dollar industry and one that spans the globe with more than 500,000 women having done live paid sex cam shows. That’s a huge number; it’s literally half a million people and that is not even including the men who watch webcams, the largest number of all. Estimates are that over 5 million men watch girls nude on webcams each today. Pretty hard to say that that’s a fad when the numbers have grown each month over the past 6 years consecutively without a single dip. I also don’t know whether I would call it an evolution but what I would say for sure is that adult webcam sites are certainly here to stay and making their mark in industry the adult entertainment

The History of Sex on Cam

So the webcam has only been around as far as an invention since 1991 which is of course less than 30 years now. Likewise, it’s only been the past 15 years in which most of the developed world has had the internet speeds capable of watching live sex cam shows. So we’re really talking about a rather new phenomena as well. However, it is in fact a phenomenon because these days sex cams are actually heavily cutting into the sales of porn videos. Meanwhile traffic to free porn tube sites is even down and cam girls are now eating away at the customer loyalty men have to their favorite pornstars. As a matter of fact, video chat sites are even changing the term pornstar. Nowadays porn stars are more often than not the cam girls that are working on these live sex chat webcam sites, and no longer the ladies starring in traditional porn movies.

Whatever your opinions are about the rise of cam girl shows, it seems pretty clear this is something that is here to stay. In our research for this article we visited Adult Webcam Reviews and we were shocked to see that this blossoming industry is now getting to a more mature status where lots of dialogue is happening online between users who are discussing their experiences using different video cam chat sites.


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