Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Tries To Convince Shannon Sharpe To Fly On Spirit Airlines On Their New Podcast


It is true that everyone seems to have a podcast these days.

Some are good, and some are not.

The latest partnership to enter the podcast game are former NFL players Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco Johnson.

It is called The Nightcap with Unc & Ocho.

There are some hilarious conversations between these two that are worth a listen, and this is one podcast I would come back to repeatedly for these comedic gems.

Ocho Encourages Sharpe To Fly Commercial Airlines

One of the most recent was a debate on flying commercial airlines to save money.

Ochocinco tried to convince Sharpe to fly Spirit Airlines instead of getting a private jet.

He told him it was as convenient and a lot cheaper.

Sharpe was not buying his argument and explained that he had a bed and breakfast on his latest private jet flight, and with his schedule, it is sometimes the only way he can get everywhere he needs to be.

Take a listen.

@clubshayshaypod You want to #fly #private with #shannonsharpe or fly #Spirit with #chadjohnson? ♬ original sound – Club Shay Shay

Ocho Tells Sharpe That He Could Get 1,400 Yards Right Now In NFL

In another recent clip, Ochocinco tells Sharpe that at 45 years of age, he could jump back into the NFL right now and get 1,400 receiving yards in a season.

Sharpe is not having this and gives Johnson many reasons why that is not possible.

@clubshayshaypod How many yards would #ochocinco get in the #NFL today? Watch the full episode of Nightcap with #shannonsharpe and #shannonsharpe ♬ original sound – Club Shay Shay

Ocho And Sharpe Disagree On Why Players Get Injured Repeatedly

Ochocinco thinks eating healthy food is the problem.

Sharpe thinks that luck plays a big part in players staying healthy over long careers.

@spartansaint_game “They ain’t eating right. They putting all this green stuff in their body, eating all of this healthy stuff. That’s not helping the body.” #shannonsharpe #chadjohnson #nfl #clubshayshay #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – SpartanSaint_GameGod

Check it out.

It is the collaboration you did not know you needed.

@gvtv4320 Shannon Sharpe & Chad Johnson hosts new show… “Nightcap With Unc & Ocho”#shanonsharpe #chadjohnson #unc #ocho #clubshayshay #sports #fyp #gvtv ♬ original sound – GvTv


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