Chris Paul Willing to do Whatever it Takes to Win

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One of the moves this offseason that has seemingly been overlooked has been Chris Paul to the Golden State Warriors. During NBA Media Day, the veteran point guard was asked a burning question that has been on everyone’s mind since the trade. Whether he will be starting or not for the Golden State Warriors. Ever the consummate professional, Paul was diplomatic with his answer.

“I think anybody who knows me knows I’m all about winning,” Paul said. “Whatever I can do to help our team win. I know Coach (Steve Kerr) and us, we are going to talk about it and see what he likes. We’ve been hooping all summer. I think for the season it’s going to be whatever to help our team win, and I think I’ve at least tried to show or prove that my entire career.”

Paul is in the twilight years, so he knows time is running short for him to win a ring. With a team consisting of the likes of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green around him, this might be Paul’s best chance of his career.

Chris Paul On Starting: Whatever I Can Do To Help Our Team Win

Will Chris Paul Fit With the Golden State Warriors?

Another concern some NBA peers have is how Chris Paul would fit into Golden State’s starting rotation? After all, they are not going to bench Steph Curry and Klay Thompson thrives at the shooting guard spot. Some speculate that the Warriors would utilize a small-ball lineup, something they are familiar with, and shift Klay to the wing while having Steph and CP3 operate in the backcourt.

However, if Paul comes off the bench, it would still allow Golden State to have some size in their starting lineup while giving a boost to their second unit at the same time. Time will tell what head coach, Steve Kerr, decides to do this year with the rotations.

Can Golden State Win One More Title? 

Last season, signs of age started to set in on the Warriors. They are still a dynastic squad that no one can overlook. However, it can be argued that their title window is rapidly closing. The organization knows this and knows it is time to win now and try get one more championship in the Curry era.

That was a big reason for them trading for Chris Paul, who is also desperate to win a ring before it is too late. As of now, it is too difficult to tell whether or not Golden State can win one more championship, but they will still be a threat in the Western Conference this year.

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