Clemson vs Alabama

Tomorrow night will be the second college football playoff championship game as the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide face off in a battle to be he champion. Last year Ohio State beat Oregon on the nations biggest stage. Ohio State won on a powerful ground attack lead by Ezekiel Elliott and their third string QB Cardale Jones. This year I believe the run game is going to be the big factor yet again.

For Clemson, they have the best player in college football with no questions in my mind. All you needed to see was Deshuan Watson play in the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma defense that shut down anything that Clemson could possible do, until Watson took over that game running for 145 yards and throwing for 187 yards, with three total touchdowns. He dominated in the second half. The same as he will carve up Nick Saban’s defense. Clemson also has a very good defense, that creates turnovers and can win you a game when it needs to. Clemson is lead by Dabo Swinney, who I love and think is a great coach, calling a perfect bold fake punt in the semifinal that went for 31 yards and was a turning point in the second quarter when the game was close and the Tigers needed something to go their way. Dabo had faith in his punter after they had failed a fake punt in the ACC Championship game that almost cost them everything.

For Alabama, they have the two best coaches in college football, other than Urban Meyer. Nick Saban is college football royalty and is almost guaranteed to be offered the keys to not just the castle but anything that an NFL organization owns, but he will decline. However the most underrated coach in any sport, any level is Lane Kiffin, I could care less about all of his USC struggles or any where else he failed, he has this Alabama offense running better than it ever has. There is no reason NFL teams should not be looking at him for a potential head coaching job and if not, as an OC, what he has done at Alabama the past few years is unbelievable. Alabama used to have a functional offensive with a powerful defensive. They know win games with their overpowering machine in the backfield by the name of Derrick Henry who by the way won a Heisman Trophy this year. Jacob Coker has this offense running smoothly as well. Alabama defense, while it is good, is not great as it has been previously with Nick Saban.

Overall I give the coaching advantage to the Crimson Tide as Saban is hard to beat, QB to the Tigers, remember Watson best player on the field, RB to the Tide, Henry in the back field carries the ball and a Heisman, WR’s to Bama, as Ridley continues to look like a future star, line play, goes to Clemson, as their offensive line has blocked fantastic opening up holes, and the defensive line has done everything from stuffing the run to getting after the passer this year. Linebackers goes to Bama as they continue to have great linebackers in their system. The secondary play is probably the closes toss up, but I give it to Alabama as they do excellent not allowing the deep ball. Special teams is also close so I broke it up, in the return game it is Alabama and Cryus Jones is amazing returning numerous punts for TD’s this year including one in the semifinal. Punting and kicking I also give to Alabama as they usually have the best kickers and punters and this year is no exception, as JK Scott and Gunnar Raborn do an exceptional and reliable job. However the X factor belongs to Clemson as they have intangibles and have a sense of just big play making ability.

Now you should all be wondering my pick. Now for Alabama, they are beatable as they lost to Ole Miss earlier this year, but their dominating performance over Michigan State was overpowering to put into terms. Clemson is unblemished, so far, they have no great wins, yes Notre Dame and Oklahoma, but they don’t have what Alabama has, the tough schedule. They have not had to compete every week, or even come from behind much this season. I have to give my pick to Alabama due to experience, begin in close games, and their ability to win games many different ways. I like Clemson but I think Alabama is to good. I will be rooting for the Tigers though. Looking forward to what will be a good game.