Cleveland Browns Legendary Kicker Phil Dawson Offers Solution to Current Browns Kicking Woes

Phil Dawson

Second-year Cleveland Browns kicker, Cade York, drafted in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft, has been struggling in the preseason.

It has led many to question whether the Browns should bring in another kicker or have a kicking competition during the rest of the preseason.

Coach Kevin Stefanski has repeatedly said the team has faith in York and that he continues to work through his struggles, but legendary Browns kicker, Phil Dawson, offers his own solution to the team’s issues.

Dawson, 48, said he is available to kick.

While this seems to be a comment made in jest, some Browns fans would love to see it.

What Dawson Said

Bleacher Report is reporting that Phil said:

“I’m a call away..I can still kick. Tell Deshaun I’m going to need my number back”

Cade York needs to be consistent so he can try to build a reputation like “Old Faithful” Dawson as former Browns player Josh Cribbs called him.

It is surprising that the Browns are not bringing Dawson in to help York.

That might be the best solution yet.

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