Cowboys Resilient in Win Over Steerlers

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
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A legend was born tonight — Dak Prescott. This has to be one of the most incredible games I have seen in the sense of how resilient this team moved forward against all the adversity in this match up.

Prescott went toe-to-toe against the future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisburger on their turf and pulled out the clutch win.

We know about the huge game clinching TD by Ezekiel Elliott, but it was Prescott that got it done. He was accurate and poised with his passes to Jason Witten, which ended up putting Zeke in striking distance with two clutch TD runs in the 4th quarter.

Prescott’s legend began tonight and will only grow with each passing game — this is his team. Barring an injury, we have seen the last of Tony Romo, if you’re still holding out, get on board, we have room on this train!

This team is riding high with the two star rookies Dak & Zeke. This is the new core of playmakers, and wow, they are something special.

Quick look at the stat line:

Dak 22/32 for 319 yards and 2TDs

Zeke 21 carries for 114 yards, 2 TDs; 2 catches for 95 yards, 1 TD

Dez 6 catches for 116 yards, 1 TD

Byron 11 tackles

Lawrence 4 tackles, 1 sack

Here are my takes on the game:

  • Zeke has 1005 yards rushing on the year. One 3 backs have accomplished this though 9 games.
  • Demarcus Lawrence recorded his 1st sack of the season and it came at a key point of the game. This was Lawrence’s best game by far. He had pressure and key sack. We still need to get a pass rusher, this game showed us how bad a QB of Ben’s caliber can scan the field with time and make plays. It was brutal.
  • Cowboys defense game up 100+yards for the first time this year. Antonio Brown had 14 catches for 154 yards.
  • The defense clearly missing Mo Claiborne and Barry Church back there.
  • J.J. Wilcox still can’t tackle. He’ll hit the hell out of you, but he won’t tackle. Still a liability.
  • Offenses have been going after Orlando Scandrick the past two games now, and you have to wonder if it is rust or is he still playing hurt? He’s getting beat more than usual.
  • Lucky Whitehead needed a bounce back game and he did well today, including a clutch return in the game.
  • The defense held LeVeon Bell to just 57 rushing yards. This defensive line has been very stingy and that bodes well if they hope to have playoff success.
  • Too many penalties, 10 for 98 yards. I have to say, the refs were brutal in this game. At one point this was us against the refs, but we overcame the refs and their bad calls and non-calls. Dean Blandino needs to resign. Terrible officiating all year and so many games around the league.
  • Dan Bailey is clutch forever.
  • I did not particularly care for the touchdown with 1:55 remaining. I think the Steelers let Zeke score that early. I was hoping the Cowboys would have run small runs to zap the clock., kick the FG and go home. It was a wild finish. It worked out in the end thankfully.

Amazing win. This team is on the right track, and there is some serious potential ahead of us for this season and beyond.

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