CROSSNET: Four Square meets Volleyball

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CROSSNET: Four Square meets Volleyball

CROSSNET is the world’s first Four Square Volleyball game. Jump in a square and challenge your friends any time, any place.

What made you want to come up with CROSSNET?

One night, we were brainstorming product ideas when the need for more backyard and beach games was brought up. Growing up, we always played four square in middle school and from that the idea of four square volleyball was born. The next day we made a prototype, invited friends, and we couldn’t stop playing.

How were you able to put a volleyball spin on four-square?

The game of four square is played with a rubber playground ball on a square court with four players, each occupying a quarter of the court. The ball is bounced between players in squares until a player makes an error and is eliminated. Eliminated players leave the court, all players advance to fill the empty squares, and a new player joins at the lowest ranked square.  The object of the game is to eliminate players in higher squares so that you can advance to the highest square yourself. CROSSNET is the game of four square, but in the air!

How do you play the four-way volleyball game?

The four-way volleyball game starts with the 4 serving the ball from the out of bounds position diagonally to the 2. After this, the 2 can return the volleyball to any square. If the ball lands in your square you are out. Eliminated players then return to the 1 square or the end of the line if players are waiting to join. The remaining players rotate clockwise to fill the empty square. Points are only scored in the 4 square. CROSSNET is played to 11, win by 2.

How does a player get eliminated?

A player can be eliminated for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most common: the ball lands inside their own square, they return the ball out of bounds, they return the ball into another players net and the ball lands out of bounds, they double hit the ball. The eliminated players then goes to the back of the line or the 1 square.

How tall is the CROSSNET net?

CROSSNET is height-adjustable to both regulation women’s and men’s volleyball height. The men’s height is 7 feet and 11 ⅝ inches and the women’s height is 7 feet and 4 ⅛ inches.

How big are the squares?

Each CROSSNET net is 13 feet and 1½ inches. Each of the four squares is 6 feet and 7 inches wide.

How do you plan to grow CROSSNET?

CROSSNET is primarily being sold through our online store with a growing presence in physical retail stores.  Our goal is to continue to grow our online store and to establish retail connections in major stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target, etc.  We are also in the process of releasing an indoor model for concrete, turf, and gymnasium floors.

Can we play CROSSNET indoors?

Yes, our outdoor model is only for the sand and grass and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t limit the game to just the beach for our landlocked friends. Our indoor model will be coming out at the end of 2018 which is geared towards black tops, tailgates, and most importantly physical education use. We are excited to work with schools as we know we would have loved CROSSNET back in the day.

Why do you think CROSSNET will make a great game for gym classes?

CROSSNET is great for children, gym classes, and youth camps. The game is really fast-paced and can be played with 4 to 8 players. Physical education teachers are focused on getting their students involved, increasing hand eye coordination, teaching volleyball, and most importantly providing a fun and healthy workout. CROSSNET checks all of these boxes a thousand times over.

What sets you guys apart from outdoor games such a Kan Jam and Spikeball?

Funny you ask, as we actually grew up playing Kan Jam and love the game. CROSSNET is different because it is the first outdoor game that involves a four way volleyball net. We strongly that we have unlimited room for growth as we have the largest demographic of potential users compared to any other outdoor game on the market. Men and women, little kids, the elderly, anyone, at any skill level can play and enjoy CROSSNET. Our four way volleyball net is 100% guaranteed to make you stop, watch and wish you were playing.

To check out CROSSNET, visit or follow them on social media @crossnetgame.

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