DeAndre Jordan wouldn’t mind Clippers picking up Chris Bosh


How does a Blake Griffin-DeAndre Jordan-Chris Bosh tandem sound?

If Jordan has his way, the Los Angeles Clippers will sign Bosh once his ugly split with the Miami Heat concludes.

TMZ captured the funny exchange:

So, when we shot Jordan out in L.A. Tuesday night, we asked what he thinks Bosh should do next.

“I think that he should come to the Clippers … I’d come off the bench!”

Sounds funny, but it might not be all that ridiculous.

Bosh has missed a huge chunk of time over the past two seasons due to a health issue. Miami won’t clear him to play and has made it known his career with the team is over. Odds are Miami waives him next year before having to take on his salary.

The fit looks good. Bosh could come off the bench behind Griffin and Jordan, perhaps helping to keep him healthier than he’s been over the past two seasons. In the stacked Western Conference, it would undoubtedly provide a boon to a team that has failed to stack up despite several superstars on the roster. Bosh, obviously, would like to compete for another title.

So yes, this seems like a jest. But unrealistic? Hardly—Bosh figures to have his pickings of landing spots once free of the Heat.

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