Design: 6 Tips for a Flawless Website Layout


We will present here ten elements that you should prioritize on your site while selecting WordPress website templates. We’ll see what little details make all the difference.

  1. Spacing

The space dictates the visual flow up to and speed of reading (or readability). There should be a consistency in spacing and space relations. Same elements should have same spacing. The space between the lines of a paragraph should follow a pattern (or proportions), as well as the size of the margin around the images.

  1. Navigation

Web browsing also has tools that guide user’s stream through the site. Websites with parallax effect, such as, often include arrows that guide the user. A layout of business themes for WordPress (you are looking for) should be user-friendly. The easier it’s for users to navigate your site, the more likely it is to get what you’re looking for before you leave.

  1. About Us

The About Us” page should express users who you’re and what you are doing. It can be used to present the company’s philosophies and goals, or how the site was developed. It can also be the right place for positive testimonials and reviews from users and customers, as well as company success stories.

  1. Contact

Contact information appears in two of the most common ways: at the top or bottom of the site or on the “Contact Us” page or similar.

Either of these ways can work well, according to the information architecture of your site. The key is to do it in a highly visible way. Here are the Contact Form templates that have the stuff you need on the form.Presenting information like phone, address or a form to contact the site owner is the best way to give legitimacy to your project.

  1. Call to Action

What is the purpose of your site? Your website is the gateway to your business, and you should build it thinking about what it should be most efficient. Whether it is a sale of products, services or some information gathering, you must ensure that it is being designed to meet this conversion and the invitations.

  1. Search

Not everyone has the time to search for specific content by site navigation, so search is such an important tool. Draw the search box in a discreet and easy-to-use form, but make sure the box is large enough and always visible.

There are also some other thing to take care such as footer, buttons, pictures,web fonts etc.

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