Doctor Who Inspired ‘Concussion’ Film Urges Tua Tagovailoa to Retire From Football


Dr. Bennet Omalu has sent a heartfelt appeal to Tua Tagovailoa urging the Miami Dolphins quarterback to hang up his helmet following what appeared to be an on-field seizure last week.

The neuropathologist, who was the inspiration behind the film ‘Concussion’ released in 2015 starring Will Smith, firmly believes Tagovailoa may have sustained irreversible and long-lasting damage to his brain, and as such should consider retiring from the NFL.

The conversations surrounding concussion protocols have never been more prevalent than in the past few weeks after the 24-year-old was stretchered off against the Cincinnati Bengals. He remained motionless on the ground for seven minutes, while his fingers and hands seized up almost immediately which is a common sign of neurological trauma.

This terrifying ordeal came just four days after Tagovailoa appeared to suffer an initial concussion in Week 3 against the Buffalo Bills. The Alabama product stumbled back to his feet, attempting to find his balance until his teammates were forced to prop him up and help him exit the field.

Much to the dismay of fans and experts, he was cleared to continue in the second half, and subsequently in the following game against the Bengals. This has been met with a wave of outrage in equal measure by the medical community and NFL fans, who have questioned the current concussion protocols.

An unaffiliated expert who was involved in clearing Tagovailoa to play has already been relieved of their duties.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, who was a pioneer for football-related head trauma, was the first to discover CTE which is better known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. It is defined as a progressive brain condition that’s believed to be caused by repeated blows to the head and episodes of concussion.

He was the subject of the incredibly well-received 2015 film ‘Concussion’, and has been praised for bringing the impact of head collisions to light.

In the aftermath of last week’s sickening events, Omalu said: “If you love your life, if you love your family, you love your kids – if you have kids – it’s time to gallantly walk away, go find something else to do.”

“Tua, my brother. I love you. I love you as much as I love my son. Stop playing. Stop. Hang your helmet and gallantly walk away.

“Sometimes money is not more valuable than human life. Twenty billion dollars is not worth more than your brain.”

Bennet went on to add that he believes the quarterback “suffered severe, long-term permanent brain damage” when his head bounced off the turf following the tackle.

While he has now been released from hospital, Teddy Bridgewater will deputise in his stead against the Jets in Week 5 with the Dolphins currently -174 favourites in NFL betting.




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