Draft Profile: Jonathan Jeanne

*Profile below was written before the extremely unfortunate announcement of Jeanne’s potentially career-ending Marfan Syndrome genetic disorder. At the time he is not cleared to practice or play basketball which may result in him going undrafted

Jonathan Jeanne: Center – Nancy, turns 20 in July

Measurables: 7-1, 207 lbs., 7-6.5 wingspan

Strengths: Size, Length, Pick & Roll Potential, Running the Floor, Defensive Potential, Hands

Weaknesses: Skills, Jump Shot, Post Game, Decision Making, Fouls

Conclusion: Jeanne has the physical profile of a potentially elite two-way center in the mold of Rudy Gobert and DeAndre Jordan. On his combine measurements alone, 7-6.5 wingspan duly noted, Jeanne has cemented his status as a first round pick. The flip side is that he comes into the draft with nearly zero playing experience. On his two previous teams he never cracked the rotation, most likely due to his skinny frame and raw skill set. In tape from junior competition he shows solid fluidity of movement and coordination, which is a huge positive for a kid with elite height and length. His offense is limited to running the rim and catching lobs. The room for improvement will come in the pick and roll as he gets stronger, because his hands look reliable and his explosiveness to the basket is legit.

The best thing about Jonathan’s long-term future is that even if he never develops offensive skills (i.e. a jump shot or a post game), as long as he improves his defensive discipline and cuts down on the fouls, when his body starts filling out he will translate as an effective defensive starting center. His ceiling is that of an elite interior defender with the added bonus of efficient scoring on rolls and lobs. Expect a team to pick him in the top 25 on upside alone and give him a couple years to earn playing time and develop overseas. Rudy Gobert comparisons may be tough on a 19-year-old without much experience, but definitely not completely unfounded.

Projection: Big Board #41, Mock Draft #20