Eli Manning Roasts Brother Peyton Manning For Sports Emmy Win

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning Kick off 2005 Fantasy Football Season

Who does not love the Manning brothers’ sibling rivalry?

Even though Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are no longer playing in the NFL, the sibling rivalry has continued into their media careers.

That’s why Eli had plenty to say when Peyton won a Sports Emmy for their ManningCast Monday Night Football show.

It started when ESPN PR (Press Releases) announced the Emmy win.

The Congratulatory Tweet From ESPN PR That Started It All 

ESPN PR wrote:

“Congratulations to Peyton Manning, co-host of #MNF with Peyton & @EliManning, on his 2023 @sportsemmys win for ‘Outstanding Personality/Event Analyst'”

Fans Loved Eli’s Response

Eli Manning, whose deadpan sense of humor has blossomed since he retired from the NFL, wrote:

“I did not know you could win an Emmy for just telling fans when coaches should call timeout.”

Fans loved Eli’s response.

Jennifer Palmieri, who used to work for Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, was shocked that Peyton won and Eli did not.

Palmieri wrote:

“Wait. Did Peyton get an Emmy and not Eli?!! Outrage”

Ralph attributed Peyton’s win to his eating at halftime.

What’s In Store For ManningCast 2023?

The show has stayed close to its original purpose and does not expect to make any major changes in 2023.

Eli talked about it on a recent episode of the Pat McAfee Show.

He said:

“We wanted to make it feel like what it’s like to sit on the couch with Peyton and I and watch a football game. That’s still the idea. We’re gonna talk some Xs and Os, we’re gonna make fun of each other, and every now and then, Pat McAfee pops in in the living room and we start talking with him or we’re talking with Snoop Dogg.”

As for an expanded schedule to cover all 18 weeks of the NFL season, that seems unlikely.

Back in November, Peyton said 10 games is the sweet spot for the show.

Peyton added:

“We thought 10 was a good number. We kind of run out of things to talk about after 10. Plus, I think it keeps our guests kind of fresh.”

The ManningCast and Manning brothers are under contract with ESPN through the 2024 NFL season.

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