ESPN College Football Analyst Paul Finebaum Says Lincoln Riley’s Coaching at USC is a ‘Complete Disaster’

Lincoln Riley Caleb Williams

ESPN college football analyst did not mince his words when talking about Lincoln Riley and the job he’s done at USC on Monday. Finebaum laid into Riley, saying his tenure has been a “complete disaster.” Finebaum also said that it was “the worst coaching job” he’d ever seen and blamed Riley for ruining Caleb Williams’ last season with the Trojans.

Paul Finebaum Says Lincoln Riley Ruined Caleb Williams’ Career

There’s no denying this season has not been ideal for the USC Trojans and head coach Lincoln Riley. USC are 7-5 on the year, with likely number-one draft pick and last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, Caleb Williams at quarterback, and ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum came out with some blistering remarks about Riley.

Finebaum accused Riley of being the architect behind “the worst coaching job” he’d ever witnessed and held him responsible for the underperformance of a team that was expected to be a top contender.

“I don’t know when I’ve seen a worse coaching job by anyone than Lincoln Riley this year,” Finebaum stated, unapologetically calling out the coach for what he believes is a failure to properly utilize and develop the talent at his disposal.

The analyst further suggested that Riley’s tenure has not only been lackluster but has actively damaged Williams’ career. “Have you ever seen a college season ruined more than what Lincoln Riley did for Caleb Williams?” Finebaum questioned, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the potential long-term impact on the quarterback’s football journey.

Riley on the Hot Seat

The stark criticism from Finebaum echoes a broader disappointment among the USC faithful, who had anticipated that Riley’s leadership would revitalize the program. Instead, they are left grappling with a season that fell far short of expectations, prompting a heated debate over Riley’s effectiveness and future with the team.

As the Trojans regroup and look ahead, the pressure is squarely on Riley to demonstrate that he can turn things around. However, with voices like Finebaum’s leading the charge against him, Riley’s position is looking increasingly precarious.

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