Five Most Exciting Wolves Games of the 2016-2017 Season

Yesterday, the NBA released the 2016-17 schedule, and as always, the league did a good job of throwing in a few surprises. The Wolves play their first game of the season on the road in Memphis on October 26th, and again play Memphis five days later in their home opener on November 1st. Memphis is coming back from a pretty disastrous season and went through a dramatic overhaul this offseason, so they’ll be eager to prove themselves. Should be a good measuring stick opener!

The big news of the day, though, is that the Wolves got their first Christmas game in franchise history! They’ll play the Thunder at 7:00 pm (CT), following the Celtics-Knicks at 11:00 am, a Dubs-Cavs finals rematch at 1:30, then Pau and the Spurs against his old Bulls squad at 4:00 pm. After Wolves-Thunder come the Clippers against the Lakers at 9:30.

Onto the five most exciting games of the season!

1: December 25, 7:00 pm — Wolves at Thunder

This game is number one on the list not only for the aforementioned historical novelty, and not only because the Wolves finally get some national TV love, but because Westbrook is going to be in full-on freight train mode all season, and any chance to watch him try to single-handedly mean-mug his team to victory will be great entertainment. Besides, the last time these two teams faced off, Rubio won the game on a three-pointer, so anything is possible!

Record vs Thunder last year: 1-3

Key Match-up: Rubio/Dunn vs. Westbrook

2: November 26, 9:30 pm — Wolves at Warriors

In the last game between the Wolves and the Warriors, the Wolves handed Steph Curry and company the final loss of their record-breaking season. It included a 32-6-4-6 line from Wiggins, 20-12-5-2 for KAT, and 35 points (on 17 FTA) from Shabazz Muhammad as Minnesota pulled out the victory in overtime. The Wolves are now a better, older team, but the Warriors added KD. I can’t wait to see how the kids take it to the biggest NBA powerhouse I’ve ever seen.

Record vs Warriors last year: 1-2

Key Match-up: Wiggins vs. KD

3: February 1, 6:00 pm — Wolves at Cavaliers

The Wolves have played the Cavaliers four times since Wiggins came over in the Kevin Love trade, and lost four times. In those games, Wiggins has posted 27, 33, 35, and 20 points, and shot better than 40% from three in three of four. Safe to say, playing his coulda-woulda-shoulda-been team brings something ferocious out in him.

Record vs Cavaliers last year: 0-2

Key Match-up: Wiggins vs. LeBron

4. March 11, 7:00 pm — Wolves at Bucks

The Wolves and Bucks are, in my opinion, the two most exciting young teams in the league right now, each only starting to discover the possibilities their talented youngsters can unleash. Last year, the Wolves couldn’t figure out the Bucks, and in the last game, Wiggins was totally overwhelmed by a fully unleashed Point Giannis, who put up 27 points, nine rebounds, 12 assists, three steals and two blocks on Maple Jordan, who barely cracked double digits (10 points). Parker is the type of power forward that gives slow old Gorgui fits, but he also offers the added fun of a #1 vs #2 pick rivalry.

Record vs. Bucks last year: 0-2

Key Match-up: Wiggins vs. Greek Freak

5. March 21, 8:30 pm — Wolves vs. Spurs

The Wolves play the Spurs with three weeks to go in the season, and it should be a game that tells us a lot about how far the team has come this season. KAT/Pau, Dieng/Aldridge, Wiggins/Kawhi, LaVine/Green, Rubio/Parker, head to toe this lineup is a good test for the Wolves. If Dunn is the starting point guard, will Parker be able to keep up with the speed of the game? Can Wiggins learn from Kawhi (a player he should be modeling himself after defensively) and eventually become the master? I can’t wait to find out.

Record vs. Spurs last year: 0-3

Key Match-up: KAT vs. Pau, Wiggins vs. Kawhi

The rest of the Wolves’ schedule can be found here or here. What other games are you excited for, friends?

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