Goodell Banishes Randy Gregory

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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We knew this was going to happen, but it is now official — Randy Gregory has been suspended by Roger Goodell for 1yr. Supposedly, this was Gregory’s 3rd failed test, which includes a missed test. In the eyes of the league a missed test is a failed test.

Gregory will not be able to be around the facility until he is reinstated. He can apply for reinstatement November 6, 2017.

Gregory will be under the watchful eye and will be required to pass more tests along the way. More failed tests during the 1yr ban and Gregory’s career will be completely over. He’ll be banned from the league at that point.

This team has done better on defense this year, there’s no doubt, but the elite pass rusher still eludes this team.

Do you think Gregory will make it through his 1yr ban? Take the poll below:

Hopefully the Cowboys have indeed landed a gem in David Irving, but we need more head hunters. The more the better. Look for the Cowboys to bolster the pass rush via the draft and free agency.

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