Guess Who’s Back

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I apologize for taking a week off.  That KC loss was tough.  For the fourth straight week the Chargers took a lead into the half versus them.  Unlike last year, we didn’t risk the 4th down calls and kicked when it called for it.  I was pleased with Staley’s decisions.  Williams went out early with that great sideline grab.  We were undermanned as we have been all year.  The reality is Herbert put the defense in a position to win the game and they failed.  That hurt and of course there are tons of guys out on defense as well.  But KC was missing a lot of players as well.  Mahomes and Kelece are great, of course.  But they beat us on the same play they did a year ago.  Had Derwin not gone out, we all thought that maybe the season would have gone differently…

ItgGuess Who's Back

It wasn’t Derwin’s fault.  He’s the only guy back there making any plays.  But it hurt.  It put us out of the division race for good.  Now almost every game is a must win.  Yes, I know everyone figures we can lose the Dolphins and Titans games and win the rest.  Does any Charger fan think that’s how it will go?  Last week could have been it.  When we were almost robbed of the Bandy fumble recovery and when Herbert’s possible pick hit the ground…

Guess Who's Back

The Chargers are alive as Chatty Phil used to say.  We have more guys injured than last week it seems.  The situation is not that different than it was going into San Francisco, except the stakes are higher and we’re playing the fucking Raiders.  Since Pipkins, Linsley, and Williams were all ruled out we are now officially underdogs.  Fine.  The Chargers win this game only because they absolutely have to.  No logic is involved here.  The Bolts haven’t beaten a team with a winning record all year.  They haven’t won a single game convincingly.  They have won a few more than usual on last second kicks.  They have won a few more one score affairs than you’d think.  This is a who wants it game tomorrow.  I don’t know if we’re a good team or if we can hang in there until guys are healthy.  They just have to survive.  They have to find a way to let Herbert do his thing.  This is the same team and stadium they saw their season end in January.  That’s it.  Either we have a season after tomorrow or not.

Sam turns 48 today and it would also be nice if the Chargers didn’t put a damper on her birthday weekend.




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