Austin Ekeler Officially Staying With Chargers

Austin Ekeler RB Los Angeles Chargers

After requesting a trade this offseason, Austin Ekeler of the Los Angeles Chargers is now staying with is respective squad. This news comes after the organization added new incentives to his contract. It is reportedly close to $2 million that has been added in incentives to his contract. Ekeler is a major component to the high-powered Chargers offense and his loss would have certainly had a negative impact. The Chargers may be in the AFC West, arguably the toughest division in the league, but they still have the talent to legitimately compete for a Super Bowl. With Austin Ekeler now officially staying, they should be a force to be reckoned with coming into the new season.

Austin Ekeler Staying With Los Angeles Chargers With Incentives Added to Contract

His Impact for Los Angeles

While quarterback, Justin Herbert, is arguably a top-five player at his position, the same can be said about Austin Ekeler. Ekeler was a fantasy football darling last year and for good reason. Not only is he a solid rusher, but he is also one of the deadliest pass-catchers out of the backfield in the whole NFL.

With his ability, it makes the Chargers a lethal multi-faceted offense capable of stumping even the best defenses in the NFL. Especially when you take into consideration the wideouts Justin Herbert has such as Keenan Allen and the underrated Mike Williams. Last season, Los Angeles’ offense ranked ninth in total yards per game. Ekeler and company may not be as deadly as Kansas City’s offense, but his impact on the Los Angeles Chargers is still severely underrated by many NFL peers.

Austin Ekeler’s Numbers

When one looks at Austin Ekeler’s numbers from last season, one can see why the Chargers were so desperate to retain him. Last year, he finished with 915 rushing yards to go along with 722 receiving yards. On top of this, Ekeler also had 13 rushing touchdowns and 5 receiving touchdowns.

He was one of, if not, Justin Herbert’s favorite target last season and it served the team very effectively. Ekeler possessed a catch percentage of 84.3 percent and also held a total of 1,637 yards from scrimmage, the highest total in this category in his career. It can be argued that Austin Ekeler is now entering his prime and will once again be touted as one of the best running backs not just in fantasy football, but in the NFL in general this coming season. Especially if he continues to be a duel threat for the Los Angeles Chargers.


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