It Begins Now


23 Jan

It was about 11 PM on Saturday when my phone started buzzing.  Sam and I were having drinks in the kitchen.  Bleacher Report, which is (…)

16 Jan

I make no secret of the fact that “justice is coming” was originally the tagline from Tombstone.  That Christmas release was of (…)

02 Jan

You know, in case you need something to do during the meaningless finale tomorrow.  Of course, you already know, FAITHFUL READER, that (…)

16 Dec 20

It wasn’t until midway through Sunday’s game that I realized we were playing the Raiders tomorrow.  I know, that’s pathetic.  (…)

12 Dec 20

45-0 doesn’t even begin to tell the story of last Sunday.  This team was beaten the second they got on the field.  They came out of (…)

05 Dec 20

I don’t know what my expectations truly were for this season, but I didn’t think we’d be out of it before Thanksgiving.  The injuries are (…)

21 Nov 20

Hey, we might beat a previously winless team this week.  At the very least, let’s avoid being their first victory like we were against the (…)

14 Nov 20

I know I must be re-using old titles for my posts, FAITHFUL READER.  It’s appropriate, anyway.  This season has been the same thing every (…)

07 Nov 20

It’s Raider week, even though it doesn’t feel like it.  If the Chargers were playing better, I am sure I’d put more into football (…)

31 Oct 20

Happy Halloween.  The Bolts are coming off their first win since the opener.  Remember that?  I didn’t think so.  It feels like a (…)

24 Oct 20

The Chargers have been on a bye since that awful loss to the Saints, which should not confused with the awful losses to Tampa, Carolina, or (…)

11 Oct 20

Strange times, indeed, FAITHFUL READER.  It’s a cloudy Sunday here on Long Island and I’m sitting out on my deck with no football to watch (…)

03 Oct 20

I know I started this season saying I wanted to be more optimistic, but the C/-/ARGERS are making it really fucking tough right now.  (…)

25 Sep 20

On the bright side, at least people are talking about the Chargers.  When I tuned in last Sunday, I had no idea what was in store.  When (…)

19 Sep 20

It’s a beautiful fall day here on Long Island and I’m sitting outside writing about the Chargers.  I guess not much has changed in the last (…)

01 Sep 20

I know when Mike Williams got hurt I said I wouldn’t let myself fall into that trap of listening to the football medical experts online and (…)

29 Aug 20

I would spend time talking about Mike Williams’ injury, but 2-4 weeks is probably the best estimate you’re going to get.  The truth is that (…)

12 Aug 20

I gotta admit, as cynical as I can get about the Chargers that I was glued to my TV at 10:00 PM like everyone else.  One of the things (…)