Homemade Herbal Brandy and Gaining Supreme Sports Results

An Unusual Supplement

Brandy and Sports, as incompatible as It may sound, there very well might be a good reason to consider this combination as beneficial to an athletes’ performance. Let’s first answer the question of what actually is Herbal Brandy and how it’s made, so we can better understand the health benefits that it brings.

Herbal Brandy is just one of many different types of a very special drink called Rakia. This is one of the most popular drinks in most countries of the Balkans Peninsula and it’s usually considered to be the traditional drink of this region. It’s a hard drink just like Whiskey or Cognac, made by distilling almost any type of fruit the people could get their hands on, historically and to this day the most popular fruit used to make this drink are plums.
Being made from fruit, and lots of it, this drink keeps some of the same beneficial qualities that the original fruit possessed.

As the old saying goes “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away” , well in the Balkans people figured out a long time ago that the same goes for a glass of Rakia a day. Most older people swear that this is their secret elixir of youth that kept them going strong well into their old age and believe it or not there’s a lot of truth to it.

So how does Herbal Brandy, or Herbal Rakia, fit into all of this? Well Herbal Brandy is just your regular Rakia but with a dozen or so different herbs added into the mix. The plants added are usually those used in traditional medicine throughout the history of this region. Juniper berries, Sage, Mint, Wild Thyme, Heather, Wormwood, Fennel, Anise and many other plants are all added together in a bottle of Rakia.

This leaves us with an olive colored drink that smells like a rainforest and is probably the healthiest liquor ever made.

Health Benefits and Sport Application
So what are the benefits of this drink exactly and how do you reap the most of it? Well there are a lot of them, from treating a toothache to curing a fever, but let’s focus on the ones that could potentially help a young athlete achieve better performance.

Stimulates Digestion

A glass of Herbal Rakia In the morning fires up your metabolism which helps burn all of the extra calories away. Metabolism refers to all of the chemical processes going on in your body and the faster it is the more calories you can consume without putting on the extra fat. This is especially important to athletes who often times need to keep an optimal weight for their sport while at the same time need to consume a lot of important micro and macronutrients, meaning they need to eat a lot without putting on a lot of fat.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Various medicinal plants found in Herbal Rakia as well as the alcohol itself, when consumed in small doses, helps in lowering the blood pressure. This is of course important both to those that are involved in sports and those that aren’t as it decreases your overall risk of cardiovascular disease.

One added benefit for athletes is the fact that they are often involved in very strenuous activity where their blood pressure skyrockets meaning that it’s critical for them to have optimal levels
of blood pressure before stepping onto the field.

Relaxes the muscles and ligaments

Commonly used to treat rheumatic diseases, Herbal Rakia can be used to treat sore muscles and strained ligaments as well. Having practice five times a week will leave your body beaten after a while and a good massage is one of the best ways of getting it back into shape.

It probably sounds weird until you try it, but massaging an area with this wonder drink will really help alleviate the pain and relax the muscles. What’s even better is that unlike most creams used for this purpose, Herbal Rakia will actually help ease the pain in your joints, you can massage it onto the neck, lower back or any other area that needs treatment. This will also reduce any inflammation that you may have.

Increases Blood Flow and Circulation

Slower blood circulation can lead to muscle cramps, pain and fatigue. These three things every athlete wants to avoid and a small glass of herbal brandy a day will help keep your blood flow good and strong so you don’t get a cramp in the worst possible moment.

Of course it should go without saying that only when consumed moderately, one glass a day, can you hope to achieve these benefits. Drink too much and you’ll quickly remember that even with its medicinal properties this is still a hard drink, so don’t let one glass turn into five and you’ll surely feel stronger than ever.