How Mitsubishi Golf Shafts Can Help Improve Game Play


For players who want to improve their game play, one of the ways to get better is to invest in good quality golf shafts. There are lots of options from many manufacturers, each with its own technology and selling points. Mitsubishi is one of the major manufacturers with state-of-the-art shaft technology. The well-renowned company designs and builds composite golf shafts with its own developed vertical integration technology, which gives Mitsubishi’s golf shafts the competitive advantage over other designs. Here’s how Mitsubishi’s golf shafts can help strengthen your game play:

1. Longer Drives

Due to their lighter weight designs made out of modern material design, Mitsubishi can provide golf shafts with longer drives, which have been known to reach 300 yards repeatedly. Traditionally, graphite shafts have increased drive distance compared to steel shafts. However, the tactile feel has been sacrificed due to its more rigid nature.

With Mitsubishi’s vertical integration, they can combine up to eleven different materials to create the optimal shaft with the rigidity of graphite but with the tactile response of steel shafts. When you play golf using a Mitsubishi golf shaft, you’re able to achieve drives of greater lengths.

2. Consistent Feel

How Mitsubishi Golf Shafts Can Help Improve Game Play

Due to their decades of experience in design and manufacturing of composite shafts, Mitsubishi has invaluable data on composite material applications and feedback from professional and amateur players. With the company’s main aim of improving their shafts’ performance, they were able to replicate the tactile feel of traditional steel shafts by using complex composite materials in their labs. Mitsubishi’s shafts are trusted by tour professionals due to their consistent feel and ability to deliver under varying conditions, as well as under intense pressure.

3. Looks

Generally, Mitsubishi shafts have that subdued and professional signature look, which is respected worldwide by industry professionals. However, upon closer inspection, you can see and appreciate their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can observe the transitions along the shaft indicating the composite material differences in each portion, showing the various materials optimized with its own function.

4. Decades Of Experience In Material Designs

Mitsubishi painstakingly researches and develops its own material and combinations in its own labs in Toyohashi, Japan, arriving at their critical raw materials that make up the golf shaft, which includes the monomer, carbon fiber, acrylic fiber, resin, and prepreg. With each material specializing in rigidity, flexibility, feel, and vibration management, they are very proficient in extracting the maximum potential from each material and having each one work  together with the other materials to deliver the reliable consistency and feel that they are known for. Find Mitsubishi Golf Shafts at Tour Shop Fresno now.

5. Manufacturing Of Materials From Scratch

Mitsubishi Chemical develops and manufactures their own materials from scratch, which has led them to deliver thousands of combinations of various materials with different preparations to arrive at multiple designs for performance-based applications such as professional golf. All their raw materials are developed and made in-house, which means that they can make virtually any combination to optimize their products’ performance, unlike most of their competitors who work with a relatively limited list of material stocks that are pre-manufactured from a confined list of manufacturers. Mitsubishi’s independence from this limitation sets them apart and lets them stay ahead of the competition with their material advantage. The manufacturer’s cutting-edge technology over other brands can benefit your game when you play using Mitsubishi golf shafts.

6. Performance

Whether you are looking to improve your drive or your fairway woods, Mitsubishi shafts will surely improve your performance. With its rigidity that can surely increase your drive distance, you still have that reliable tactile feel, which will validate your swing and hit. This, in turn, will translate to consistent repeatability of your swing.

7. Tour-Proven

Mitsubishi shafts have been tour-proven in the last three decades. Due to their experience in composite design, professional golfers have been known to trust their equipment with consistent results. Having the advantage of graphite drive performance with the consistent feedback of steel shafts, pros have come to love and trust Mitsubishi shafts. Industry professionals always recommend Mitsubishi shafts for all types of players due to its famous consistency and reliability.


When you’re shopping around for the best golf equipment, don’t underestimate what having the best golf shafts can do to help improve your game play. The good thing with the selections that the manufacturer offers is that you can find any golf shaft that you need, from hybrids to putters. Mitsubishi composite shafts will do wonders to make your golfing a winning experience.

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