How to Pick a College Sports Camp? UK Students’ Tips


After months of mental exertion because of an academic session, you feel it is time to cool off and unwind by attending a summer camp. It offers you a combination of sports and educational activities.

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Choosing the right one can be quite a hassle because there are so many places offering various activities for college students. There are some factors that you might want to consider before choosing or enrolling in any of the numerous vacation spots scattered across the country.

Below we discussed four major factors to consider that will guide you when picking from the endless choices that are available.

1. What are your expectations?

What do you want to achieve during the summer? What skills would you like to acquire in the summer camp? What skills may you lack and what summer camps offer the best services to develop these skills? Are you looking for a gender-specific place that focuses on the development of certain skills for different sexes? Ask yourself these questions to prioritize your needs so they can inform your decisions accordingly. If you’re still in doubt, you can ask your friends for their opinions. Remember, the Internet is not the only place you can get information, word-of-mouth helps too.

2. Narrow it down

Now you have an idea of what your ideal vacation spot would be, what’s next? It is essential that you pick the right place that offers just precisely the right balance of sports, or, games and academic combination. The UK is famous for being the progenitor of many sports such as soccer, tennis, crickets, etc., and also, has an abundance of summer places of rest from which you can choose. Summer places like Camp Thayer offer an excellent balance of both sporting and academic activities. The co-ed day camp aims to help college students develop exceptional skills in their various interests. So what sports skills do you intend to build? Tennis, soccer, cricket, or basketball? The next thing to do is to pick one that has all the requirements for you to develop and hone those desired skills comfortably.

3. Day or overnight camp

Most summer sports camps provide both a combination of day and overnight camping. At overnight campings, the participants don’t, at any point, leave the camp. Campers pass the night there. While day camp let students only participate in camping activities in the daytime and retire to their various homes after each day’s event. Your level of comfortability would determine your choice — an overnight or day summer camp.

4. Consider your budget

Budget differs in varying amounts, and there’s a good reason why. Camping overnight costs more than a day one because students have to be fed and accommodated, unlike the previous that does not handle the responsibility of these things. Other summer camps like tech camps, may cost much more due to the technology — hardware and software — required for training and skill acquisition. Sports activities may also have different budgets, considering the price of different sports equipment to be used. Camp Thayer, like many others, offer flexible and affordable prices for college students.

All in all, the costs of places to rest should not deter you, considering the outstanding, positive, life-changing psychological impact it can have on you.

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