How to Pick Volleyball shoes

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There are many factors to consider in good volleyball shoes. Comfortable usage comes top of the list, followed by breathability of uppers, stability when using and traction on the sole are other important things to consider. A good pair of shoes will give you an advantage during play, so it is critical how you pick your volleyball shoes. Let us look for the important aspects to consider when buying volleyball shoes:

Support and Cushioning – The inner sole of the shoe provides it. Forefoot and rear foot pads need to be padded and cushioned for Volleyball players. This is because most of the time they have to spend hours on their feet especially when there is any tournament going. In this situation, you need a pair of shoes that will provide great comfort for a longer period of time and enable you to show your skills on the peak. A volleyball player has to do frequent jumping, perform quick stops and has to change the direction very often. The absolutely need the best volleyball shoes to be at their top performance. The midsole of the Volleyball shoe performs an important role in it by absorbing the shocks resulting from these activities. It needs to be very strong and at the same time flexible to enable you to have your optimum performance.

Stability – When it comes to a volleyball shoe, stability is a very important aspect to consider. It is a basic need for Volleyball players because they need to move very fast around the court, shifting their directions quickly. This much quick usage requires a type of stability that can stand in all type of quickness and save the player from any foot and ankle injuries.

A stable shoe too might not prevent you from ankle injuries. However, with the increased stability, decreases the risks of injury. A common athletic shoe will give you greater stability when moving forward, but it fails to be safe when it comes to moving in multi-directions as a Volleyball player do. The traction part is very vital. When playing Volleyball, your shoe needs to allow you to move fast, while also allowing quick stops and change of directions. All this requires stability on the ground to minimize the chances of a slip, fall and other types of injuries. For these purposes, specially designed Volleyball shoes are highly recommended because of the perfect grip they offer. Every other shoe fails to deliver such high-level performance to a Volleyball player.

Breathability – Volleyball is a very fast game and breathability plays a vital role in it. The game demands a lot from your feet as they will get hot and sweat a lot. In this case, a shoe that keeps your feet cool as well as dry at the same time is most needed. You need to look for this feature in your Volleyball shoe because the cooler you get, the easier you feel, and more chances to perform well in the game.

Weight and Durability – Weight of the shoe plays an important role in the Volleyball game. A heavy shoe means your foot will tire very fast when you play the game. This will decrease your productivity in the game. Volleyball game requires fast movement and quick shifts, heavy shoes means that you can’t perform your best in the field. On the other hand, if you have shoes, which are light in weight, you can perform all the quick actions like jumping and move faster without tiring your feet.

But weight is not the only thing to consider. When people focus on weight, they usually sacrifice for the durability and stability of shoes. You need a pair of shoes, which are durable, as well as light in weight at the same time. This combination is not easy to find but is an essential aspect of Volleyball shoes.

Design and Fit –

You will find a lot of Volleyball shoes in the market and when other aspects match, it is designed that plays an important role in selection. A good Volleyball shoe is one which provides you with great range in movement, and also holds you from slipping or sliding in the field or inside the shoe. Your shoe should fit in your fit without being too tight. People with wide feet need to look for wide shoes and not the standard Volleyball ones.

If you have any foot or ankle issues, it is highly recommended to go and buy one with ankle support. This is an important factor to consider because your ankles are more open to injuries. Gender is also an important aspect to look in your Volleyball shoes. Men and women feet differ both in shape and in size and women must not rely on male standards.


There are many people who play Volleyball with their ordinary shoes. It is not a problem if you are in your learning phase. But if you want to play professional Volleyball, then you do need shoes specifically designed for Volleyball. These shoes are designed in such a manner as to provide maximum assistance to the play.

These shoes are light in weight. This means that if you jump in the air, or run wearing specific shoes, you will feel that these shoes are light in weight and helps in performing different tasks. The front of these shoes points slightly upwards. This helps a player to stand on the toes and play better. The sole of these shoes is made up of a very soft compound. This increases the grip you have on a shiny, solid surface. Any other shoes cannot perform so well on Volleyball court and it makes Volleyball shoes worth buying. These shoes have a lot of spring in them, so they help you in jumping because high jumps are the bases of Volleyball.

There are many benefits of using specific shoes for volleyball and not relying on your normal athletic shoes. These are discussed above. Additionally, you should keep in mind certain aspects of good Volleyball shoes. It will help you in buying a perfect pair.

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