Howlin’ T-Wolf joins The Sports Daily


The title ain’t lying. We found a new home.

The Howlin’ T-Wolf (HTW) is joining The Sports Daily.

We are also welcoming a new member to the HTW family, another recognizable name in the T-Wolves blogosphere: TwolvesBlog. So now you can follow us on twitter at @TwolvesBlog and @howlintwolf.

A former member of the ESPN Truehoop Network, the Howlin’ T-Wolf is one of the elite Minnesota Timberwolves blogs on the web. Our mission at HTW is to turn that frown upside-down for Timberwolves fans in the Twin Cities and around the world. Aspiring to be the best, our team of writers and podcasters offer in-depth Wolves analysis that’s entertaining, thought-provoking, and journalistic.

At HTW, we strive to be for the people by the people. Moving forward, our messages remain the same.

We still believe in creating content that is consistent, clean, and fresh.

We still nurture raw talents, cherish confident ones, and offer a safe space for die-hard fans to express their unique fandom.

We love the T-Wolves. Just like you. We love you, so we will still talk to you. We will ask you questions. We will ask you for your opinions. Expect our responses.

We will also continue our community outreach. To the many organizations in the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the T-Wolves blogosphere, the local media and the national media, we will still be in touch.

Simply put, The Howlin’ T-Wolf will still be the elite Timberwolves outlet that is catering to Timberwolves fans. So if you love the Timberwolves with bias like us, then you’re in the right place.

Come on in! Join us.

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