Hunter Renfrow Calls Tiny Uber for Raiders, NFL Twitter Reacts

Hunter Renfrow Calls Tiny Uber for Raiders, NFL Twitter Reacts

The Las Vegas Raiders are going viral because of Hunter Renfrow’s Uber choices.

On Wednesday, Las Vegas Raiders’ wide receiver Davante Adams shared a video of Renfrow calling an Uber ride for his teammates.

Renfrow ordered a small sedan to fit the receiving core and quarterback David Carr.

While this might not normally be an issue for Renfrow, all of the other players in the vehicle were above 6 feet tall.

While Renfrow got into the front seat, Carr, Adams, and Mack Hollins jammed into the back of the compact car, leading to a funny reaction among the group.

NFL Twitter Reacts to Renfrow’s Uber Duties

The newest member of the Raiders, Davante Adams took to social media to share his experience of riding in an Uber with Hunter Renfrow.

While many expect NFL players to ride in style, Renfrow took a different approach.

Instead of ordering an Uber XL, the Raiders wide receiver loaded Adams, Carr and 6-foot-3 Mack Hollins in the back of a standard-sized sedan.

Adams also commented in the video, saying Renfrow is no longer allowed on Uber duties.

NFL Twitter reacted to the hilarious video of Carr and Hollins bursting in laughter.

Check out the latest reactions regarding Renfrow’s Uber ride.



While Renfrow signed a two-year contract extension worth $32 million with $21 million guaranteed with the Las Vegas Raiders in June, it seems old habits don’t go away.

Adams went on to roast his fellow wide receiver during the video but it seems like the new teammates are getting along quite well.

In Renfrow’s defense, he stands 5-foot-10, which is relatively small for an NFL wide receiver, so he likely hasn’t faced these issues before.

Nevertheless, the learning experience created a fun bonding moment for the Raiders’ top wide receivers.