In This Thing Or Not

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In This Thing Or Not

I’m still disgusted by last week’s game.  Honestly, I don’t see how this team can either make the playoffs or do something if they do.  KC, Pitt, Rams, Saints, there are so many teams I see playing at a higher level and not imploding like we did last week.  I could have tolerated a loss, but not another choke job.  I know the Chargers could beat the Ravens, Bengals, Cards, and Broncos (or even just three of them) and get into the postseason.  But I feel like they wont unless they beat KC or Pitt or at least Baltimore.  This team has a tendency to get what it deserves.  They did last week and I wish Keenan Allen wouldn’t trash talk after the game.  If they can back it up on 12/30 and if the game can have some meaning, fine.

That’s all.  If there a season after tomorrow, we’ll talk.



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