Inter Miami’s New Stadium, Miami Freedom Park, Is Set To Open In 2025

Inter Miami’s New Stadium, Miami Freedom Park To Open In 2025

Inter Miami signed Lionel Messi earlier this summer in a blockbuster deal. Since his arrival to the US, he’s absolutely dominated the MLS, leading his team to a League Cup victory. Inter Miami has yet to be defeated and the Messi effect is just getting started.

After a sensational debut, Inter Miami has pushed forward with its long-awaited $1 billion stadium project. On Monday, the new Miami Freedom Park broke ground and is set to open in 2025 during Messi’s final year with Inter Miami.

Inter Miami’s New Soccer Stadium

Inter Miami is capitalizing on Messi’s popularity.

Since his arrival, he’s turned the club from one of the worst in the league to one of the biggest threats. While they are still last in the standings, Messi has had a huge effect on the league as a whole.

Now, his home club is set to build a new 25,000-seat stadium that will be located closer to Miami.

Currently, Inter Miami plays out of the DRV PNK Stadium located in Fort Lauderdale which is about 30 miles north of Miami, Florida.

Inter Miami Begins to Build on Miami Freedom Park

The city is not only going to be building a new soccer stadium but an entertainment area around it that will be named Miami Freedom Park. The park will feature a public park with youth soccer stadiums, and tourist attractions like shops, hotels, and restaurants.

“In just four years we have changed the perception worldwide of American soccer. As we commence construction of Miami Freedom Park that same vision guides us. In creating a multi-faceted space we will set a new standard of what sports complexes can be,” Inter Miami CF owner Jorge Mas said.

The new stadium is expected to open in Messi’s final year with the club in 2025. The rest of the Miami Freedom Park area will take an extra five years to complete and is projected to be finished by 2030.

When Will the New Inter Miami Stadium Open

The stadium will just be a little bit bigger than the DRV PNK Stadium with 25,000 seats. However, the venue will attract more tourists, thanks to Miami Freedom Park’s design. It’s unclear if the stadium will open at the start of the 2025 MLS season but the construction of the stadium has already begun.

If the stadium runs into any delays there is a possibility of the venue being opened without Messi.

The club has already projected to earn an MLS-record $200 million in revenue this year, almost 4x Inter Miami’s original projection for this year.

By Messi’s third season, the opening of a new stadium will likely drive the revenue up even higher in 2025.

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