Why A Timberwolves Blog?

I’ve started and fizzled out on a few other blogs that I started. Only time will tell on this one I guess. I figured though with all the time I spend on all things NBA from reading every thing daily on ESPN’s NBA page and Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop blog, to managing multiple competitive fantasy basketball teams, to watching as much basketball on TV as my wife can handle. (I can’t wait to afford the man-cave.😉 ) So I thought it was time to turn my addiction into something more productive than being the most versed NBA fan at the office or winning a few fantasy trophies. And with that I thought a blog was the answer, so here we are. I also have a desire to get the spot as the official Wolves blog in the TrueHoop Network of NBA blogs. I could have kept that desire under wraps but we’re looking for honesty and full disclosure here. As such I’ve linked to all of the current TrueHoop Network blogs in the sidebar. If you want some great blogging on the NBA you should start there. I also linked to some of the other T-Wolves blogs out there and will most likely direct you to any good articles they have in my posts.

Why the name?

I always thought the best blogs had catchy names you could remember easily. I wanted something to do with the T-Wolves and didn’t want something boring like The Timberwolves Blog (no offense to those with the “normal” blog names). I also just so happened to rent the movie Cadillac Records last night which includes in it the singer Howlin’ Wolf. I don’t know if it was in my subconscious but I picked out the name for the blog before I made the connection. Maybe we’ll get some good background music for the blog from Mr. Wolf someday.

As for what names I’ll be referring to our team as it will probably include but not limited to: Minnesota, Timeberwolves, T-Wolves, Wolves, Wolfies, T-Pups, Minny, ‘Sota, etc.

So what are people going to get from reading this?

Hopefully you’re going to get a fresh perspective on all things Minnesota Timberwolves. The Howlin’ T-Wolf should end up being a place to both find a fresh commentary and be a hub of Wolves information and analysis. That being said your questions, comments, and criticisms are welcome. You can reach me at [email protected].

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