Is Ken Griffey Jr. A Sports Photographer? MLB Legend Caught Behind Camera At Messi’s Inter Miami Game

Is Ken Griffey Jr. A Sports Photographer? MLB Legend Caught Behind Camera At Messi’s Inter Miami Game

MLB legend Ken Griffey Jr. played his last baseball game in 2010 and has remained out of the spotlight since.

That changed on Wednesday when he was spotted taking up a new passion at an MLS game during his retirement. ‘The Kid’ has suddenly turned his sights to sports photography and was at one of the biggest events of the year in Nashville.

Griffey Jr. is now a sports photographer and was on the sideline at Wednesday’s Inter Miami CF vs Nashville soccer game with a camera in hand. He’s an official member of the media and was responsible for taking photographs of soccer legend Lionel Messi.

Was Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Working At The Inter Miami Game?

Like many Inter Miami games, Wednesday’s contest versus Nashville was a star-studded event with celebrities and professional athletes coming to watch Messi in action.

On Wednesday, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was spotted in the crowd, along with baseball royalty Ken Griffey Jr., Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, influencer Alix Earle, and more.

However, unlike the other sports stars, Griffey Jr. wasn’t there for leisure — he was working. Despite being retired for almost 13 years, Griffey Jr. is taking up sports photography as a new hobby.

He was at the game with the media and served as an action photographer.

Griffey Jr. Still Popular Among Biggest Sports Stars

Griffey Jr. was spotted on the sidelines watching the action and capturing moments of the match. Like the rest of the media, he was wearing a bright yellow bib that photographers wear during the game.

Many fans were surprised to see Griffey behind the camera and working for the media. Even though Griffey Jr. was technically at work, other stars couldn’t help themselves at the game.

Griffey Jr. was seen taking photos with other stars like Floyd Mayweather at the end of the match.

Griffey Jr. Has Photograph Prominent Sporting Events

This wasn’t Griffey’s first time behind the camera. He’s been an active photographer and has shot many pictures at some of the most exclusive events.

Last year, Griffey was taking pictures at the MLB All-Star game, including the Home Run Derby.

Since his retirement, Griffey has been practicing his photography skills. In 2015, he was at work on the sidelines at the Fiesta Bowl.

He’s covered a wide range of sporting events, including Monday Night Football games, professional Indy Car races, the 2023 Home Run Derby, and more.

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