Jimmy Garoppolo Failed Physical Led to Contract Announcement Delay


People were speculating as to why Jimmy Garoppolo’s Contract announcement was being delayed, but now we have a clear picture.

The announcement of Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract with the Raiders was delayed, raising some concerns about the deal. It was later revealed that an addendum had been added to the contract, indicating a failed physical and outlining the risks associated with Garoppolo continuing to play with an injury that could potentially result in permanent disability.

Garoppolo Was in the Middle of a Great Season

Garoppolo, who had previously played for the San Francisco 49ers, was thrust into action in 2022 when the team’s starting quarterback, Trey Lance, got injured. However, Garoppolo himself suffered an injury in Week 13, ending his season and allowing backup quarterback Brock Purdy to lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship.

After the season, Garoppolo signed a three-year, $67.5 million contract with the Raiders. The introduction of Garoppolo by the team was delayed, and the addendum to his contract shed light on the concerns surrounding his injury and its severity. The addendum allowed the Raiders to cut Garoppolo at any point related to the injury and eliminated his signing bonus. Instead of receiving a bonus and salary in 2023, all $22.5 million will be paid out as salary, and the Raiders would owe him nothing if he is cut. Additionally, Garoppolo will not be paid until he passes a physical.

No Agreement Without an Addendum

The addendum was crucial to the deal as it stated that without it, Garoppolo would not have been considered as passing the physical, which could have prevented the deal from going through. The injury was described as a fracture in the base of the second metatarsal in Garoppolo’s left foot. While surgery was initially not required, he underwent surgery in March after signing with the Raiders. The language in the contract highlights the need for Garoppolo to waive the risks of further injury and any potential claims against the team or the NFL if he continues playing and re-injures his foot.

“Player also understands that such condition has decreased his ability to play professional football and that continuing to play professional football may result in deterioration, aggravation, or re-injury of the existing conditions rendering Player physically unable to perform the services that would be required of Player by an NFL Player Contract,” the addendum read.

The waiver is not permanent and will be null and void if Garoppolo remains on the roster two days after the final game of the 2023 NFL season or if he passes a physical and plays at least one regular-season game without re-injuring his foot.

With the pressure of taking over a team that underperformed in 2022, Garoppolo faces high expectations in his first season with the Raiders. The AFC West division, which includes the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and a rising Los Angeles Chargers team with Justin Herbert, remains one of the toughest in the NFL. The addendum to Garoppolo’s contract further emphasizes the risk the Raiders are taking in hoping he can be the solution at quarterback.

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